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Hi Everyone I am new to Warrior forum although I have read this blog a million times.

I am starting an online fitness membership site but am really confused should I be referencing or quoting where the information is coming from in the members area closed section articles? I am thinking about getting a copywriter who will basically be taking bits and pieces of articles and rewording it, but then I have access to and also own a large library of resources ie strength courses, flexibility courses etc etc and also online health science journals. What is your advice? I think if I have a copywriter write an article on particular topics it is going to cost a lot of money but at the same time they are going to articulate the information so a reader can easily understand it better??

Bit confused about my written content what are your thoughts thanks

Also I am looking for a good content writer that can help me with content for the site as well as email marketing content.

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    A copywriter is different for what you are looking. I think you want a writer to write some content for your membership site if I read correctly.

    There are writers on this site as well as on I would post an ad on odesk letting the potential writers know what you need as far as length and topics you want covered. You can do the same in the warriors for hire section on this forum. Make sure you read reviews on the writer you hire low end $5 high end $20-$25 per article.

    Good Luck
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    Welcome to the Warrior forum!

    Re copy writing, if you haven't done it before then it may be a good idea to pay a copy writer to do it for you but yeah it's gonna cost if you want it done properly by a good writer. If your gonna do it your self here are a few tips for you;

    1. Spend a good amount of time on your heading and sub-heading as this largely will determin if the person will stay on your sales page. Use punchy emotive words in the header with strong adjectives. The header should instantly communicate a strong benefit to the reader and also stir emotion. Header must also be related to your product, don't just use something random to grab attention.

    2. Main header shouldn't be more than about 17 words. Sub-headers should be between 20-40 words (no more than 40, I personally find that a bit too long, around 20-25 I find is good).

    3. Write on a separate piece of paper all the benefits of your product, then organize with strongest at top to least strongest. Include them in sales copy with strongest/most beneficial first. You want all your strongest benefits at the top sections of the page. Can also list them with bullet points.

    4.Use capital letters for the first letter of each word in the heading

    5. When it comes to the body, break it up every 3-5 paragraphs with a sub-header re one of the benefits (makes it easier to read and good for people who skim)

    6. Highlight either with bold, underline (or both) or a different colour important words like 'Free' or any words you want to stand out but don't over-do it otherwise it will look messy. When this is done correctly, interspersed across the sales page it helps to grab the persons attention more. (Have a look at some other sales pages to see how people do this).

    7. Have a look at some sales pages that you feel really catch your eye and are appealing to you and write down what is it about that sales page that you find so appealing. Use this for ideas to help you.

    8.Make sure your letter flows well, ie when you use sub-headers make sure the following paragraph flows on from it.

    9.Write the body of your copy as if you were talking to a friend so it flows well and try to convey passion in what you are talking about

    10. Try to get into the mind of the person who you are selling to, what would they be looking for and what would entice them.

    11. After you've talked about the benefits talk about the reasons why they need them, give them the reasons why they need to buy.

    12. Make sure your spelling and grammar is good and get someone else to check it for you.

    There is obviously a lot more too it that that but this should help get you started in the right direction.

    Good Luck man!
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