Looking For Fellow Warriors To Critique My Website Please

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Im hoping some of you can help me out please. I have been working on my website for my local business. Im hoping some of you can view my website and give me an honest critique if the message comes across and what types of changes you would make to the website to make it look better, function better etc. Thanks in advance

Online Auction Site | ACM Auctions & Estate Sales

Thanks again!
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    A few suggestions

    1. put one or two or three actual properties that are up for auction on the front page of your site

    2. create a consumer report along the lines of "how to get the best price at auction" or a report of recent sales and prices...something of interest to your audience that will help you get their email addresses and an ongoing conversation
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    There are too many options. I'd suggest narrowing it down to: "Are you interested in buying or selling?"

    Right now it is too confusion. I don't know what you want me to do. There are too many tabs on the navigation and too many sub tabs when I hoover over a tab.

    The scrolling feature thing under the navigation doesn't really add much. The first image starts to tell what the company does, but then as you're reading it, it shifts to the second image. My advice: remove the scrolling feature area, and put the "about us" stuff from the first image into the header for the website, which is currently on the bland side.

    I'd also get rid of the social media icons. Chances are that this business probably isn't going to benefit from getting more followers on Twitter as much as they'd benefit from someone actually buying something.

    Also, is it just me or when you look at the phone number: 877-965-2ACM... do you almost read the last four characters as "SCAM"?

    Anyway, hope this helps.



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    Thanks for the advice. I never looked at the phone that way lol.
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    1. Homepage sliders look cool, but they decrease conversion rates. Stick with a static image.

    2. Give me a reason to join your mailing list. What do I get? What are the benefits? "Sell" the email list so I'm actually willing to give you my email address.

    3. The social network floater drives me nuts. Buttons on the bottom or top of the page would be enough for me -- I'm not going to suddenly share a page on social media because of the floating buttons.

    4. A lot of the text is hard to read due to size and spacing issues -- it looks like a wall in some cases (see Consign Your Items | ACM Auctions & Estate Sales for an example of what I mean). Go through and "design" your pages so they're web friendly and easy to read.

    Hit me up on Skype if you'd like a more detailed review page by page. Good luck!

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