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As a result of my wife having been featured on TV, I have hurriedly put together a website. The website is by no means completed yet, but I think there is enough content to launch.

I have written a "Press Release" and copied it below. press releases are not something I am used to and would value your constructive comments.. good or bad.

Thanks for your time in advance.


Cervical Spondylosis Sufferers Get Help Choosing The Right Alternative Pain Management Therapies

Husband and Wife Graham Maddison and Suphatthana (Arisa) Chansiriwat-Maddison, both sufferers of Cervical Spondylosis launch their new website
My Neck at

Arisa has recently been featured on Amarin Activ TV in Thailand as someone who is trying to help others who suffer with Cervical Spondylosis. (Last shown on Sunday 21/07/2013)

The website My Neck is to all intense and purposes, a review website of alternative therapies which claim to have benefit for Cervical Spondylosis sufferers.

What makes this website unique, is that all the therapies featured claim to have been tried personally by Graham and Arisa, but mainly by Arisa as they try to find beneficial therapies which help reduce the pain and discomfort associated with cervical spondylosis and in the process they hope to find a long lasting remedy.

Each Therapy has it's own featured page and their experience is detailed. In some cases articles or links to articles are included to help the reader understand the claimed benefits. A brief summary with a 5 star rating system is employed.

Comments ore open but moderated and there is a form to enable readers to submit their own evaluation.

Graham states: " What is worth baring in mind, is that we are in no way medical personnel and nor are we associated with any. Our personal evaluations, are just that, personal. We do not make any recommendations but simply pass on the benefit of our experiences to others in the hope that it may help them choose what is right for them. My wife was featured on TV in Thailand recently and will soon be aired on the Radio too, passing on the benefit of her experiences.".

Graham went on to say:

"Arisa my wife is Thai and we live in Thailand, which is an area associated with deep origins of alternative therapy and the majority if not all, of therapies evaluated by us have been tried in Thailand and practised by Thai's or others of Chinese decent. I as a westerner, feel this one fact alone, gives a better insight into the benefits and further helps to qualify our evaluations."

Readers who themselves are sufferers of Cervical Spondylosis, are invited to add their own personal reviews and additionally, anyone reading the website who has themselves tried a therapy not already featured on the website, may submit their personal experiences to have this therapy included under "Readers Reviews"

The website has specifically been launched with a view to helping other fellow sufferers choose a therapy which may or may not suit them and not need to go the through the same lengthy process of trying to find a therapy that does or does not work.


When viewing the My Neck website, it is clear that it is not cluttered with links trying to sell this and that product like so many other websites and it is full of valuable content.

It should be noted however, that the "About Us" page has a "Full Disclosure" paragraph, in which they state they do sometimes add affiliate links to products which may be beneficial to their readers. The reason given for adding such links they state, is to help pay for and maintain the website.

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