Copywriter gets angry

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A copywriter submitted an ad to a retailer and waited for a response. Then he went a little crazy. (NSFW)
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    That's funny. Well I say good for him. His ad may not have been all that compelling but it wasn't nice of the company to solicit entries and not at least respond.
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      I understand the copywriter's frustration... a thank-you-for-the-submission letter is appropriate.

      That said, the fact is when you submit an ad under those circumstances, you have no leverage. Not a good position for a freelance copywriter to be in... or any professional for that matter.

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    A thank you response would have been appropriate considering the amount of work and time people invested on it and to think it's just for a chance to land an interview. On the flip side, people should stay away from contests like this. It's really difficult to expect something good.
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    Professional... really professional.

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    Funny stuff.

    Tim Pears

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    I doubt that bodes well for him in the future.

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    Hahaha, funny, Although writing shocking and "not political correct" stuff usually get's people's attention.

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    Smart move to get publicity for himself! Well played.

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