To All The Frustrated People...

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Got a product that isn't selling?

Here's what a couple from Pig Eye did.
Bobby was sitting on the toilet reading a story in the local paper.

Seems some city slicker from New York got rich selling t-shirts for those spoiled little dogs rich people have.

So happened Bobby and his wife Emma had been talking bout a way to get some extra money. The roof shingles were shot, house needed paint, kitchen sink leaked, the old Buick wasn't only smokin'...every piston in the 750,000 mile motor was knocking up a storm.

Times were tough in Pig Eye...wasn't a lot of money to be had.

Like a lot of town folks, the hard times were putting a stress on the marriage.

The spark had plum nearly gone out.

Bobby always had a secret dream to be a copywriter and sell his own product.

Sitting there on the toilet reading that news story sparked an idea.

Bringing a piece of leather in from the shed, he asked Emma to sew him up a toilet seat cover...not just any toilet seat cover, but one that would cover the whole seat and tank.

Bobby was certain he had designed one of the best darned toilet seat covers any one in Pig Eye had ever seen.

Now all the locals knew if you had something for sale, you put it on the board at the back of Flo's Diner...darn near everyone hung out there.

Bobbie thumb tacked a sales letter on the board. Headline said: "Toilet Seat Covers For Sale".

Days went by and not a daggone customer.

"Emma," said Bobby a few nights later sitting on the porch swing, "I'm losing hope. Heard the Tillberry's were splitting up and word is Billy's wife went back to West Virginia to stay with her momma. Dang sure hope we don't fall apart cause of all our money problems."

Emma was quiet, suddenly she got up and went inside...shortly she came back out with the leather toilet seat cover; "You wait right there Bobby, I got me an idea. I'm gonna use this same material and turn it into something that will help everybody."

Couple hours later Bobby was deep in thought when the screen door opened...

When Emma walked out, Bobby saw the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. Looked like something right off one of those big screen movies they showed down at the Pig Eye movie house, and just for a moment he could of swore he heard a whole choir of angels letting loose. The spark that had plum nearly gone out became a raging fire again that night.

Next morning you could see a cloud of dust 1/2 mile long behind the old Buick as it smoked and banged it's way to the Diner.

Soon as Bobby and Emma walked in the whole place got silent.

Flo let out a little gasp...

Bobby and Emma Stucky were headed straight for the bulletin board...

Emma in a leather bikini...battin' her eyes more than a toad in a hailstorm...Bobby was wearing a leather pair of boxer shorts...both holding hands and smiling like they just got hitched over at the church house.

Bobby stuck a thumb tack through his latest sales letter.

Biggest rush you ever did see heading for that board.

Sales were good.
Emma didn't throw the leather toilet seat cover away...she simply took the same material and turned it into something that would solve a problem. Hard times were taking on toll on relationships and couples needed a way to put a spark back in things.

They didn't need a leather toilet seat cover.

Do you have a toilet seat cover that isn't selling?

Had a good idea but nobody wants it?

What are your customers REALLY wanting?

Might not be anything wrong with your material. You could have just put it together wrong.

Could you rework it? Rename it? Rebrand it? Change the marketing? Change it's appeal? Change the offer?

That slow selling cook book could become a guide to 50 of the most romantic meals.

That slow selling weight loss book could become a guide to looking 10 years younger in 90 days.

The possibilities are limitless.

Think about it.
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    Gosh, Max. You're starting to sound a bit like ol' Thaddeus T. Hogg.
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    Damn. I got all excited about buying a leather toilet seat
    cover and they're not making them any more!
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      Originally Posted by Tinkerbell View Post

      Gosh, Max. You're starting to sound a bit like ol' Thaddeus T. Hogg.
      Could be one of my multiple personalities

      Usually if I'm posting on my blog or my occasional post here I won't do a rough draft, I just sit down with a basic concept, start typing and hit publish.

      Usually that can be good or bad.

      Sometimes I'll think I have a masterpiece and it bombs big time...

      Then there's times I go back and read what I wrote and think it's the biggest crap thing I've ever read and it turns out pretty good.

      Pretty sure there's some kind of psychological thing behind it...just not sure what it is.

      Originally Posted by AndrewCavanagh View Post

      Damn. I got all excited about buying a leather toilet seat
      cover and they're not making them any more!
      LOL...not sure if Wal-Mart carries them or not.
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