How do you respond to the word guru

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What a better place to ask than a copywriting forum.
How do you respond to the word guru.

I'm thinking of registering a domain name in the stock-market niche with the word guru in it. Does the word put you off?

I know in Internet Marketing many people are getting fed up with the word guru. But does it still apply in the stock-market area.

Which would you consider:
'The stock guru'
'The stock expert'
'The stock guy'. (this may not sound professional.)

Ignore the 'the stock', that is just an example.

I appreciate your feedback on this.
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    The stock market niche is full of option and penny stock guys who've given themselves "cutesy" names. Guru is no better, no worse than the rest of them.

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    I think the word is overused already and if you are going to use it now, it will seem you are trying too hard to impress people. It's better to wait for them to call you that than proclaim yourself as one.

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    Believe it or not, this is something I've tested quite a bit in the financial niches that I have products in.

    The term "expert" for me has worked better than "guru"... but with that said, I've only tested it in the headline and not so much throughout the body copy.

    I just think that expert has more authority and credibility... if someone is an expert, they've had more training, experience, etc...

    I often think the term "guru" can almost have some negative connotations... I see a lot of negatives associated with that in copy... using phrases like "unlike what the so-called 'gurus' say"

    But... regardless of my experiences... the true answer is to test both and see what works.

    Heck, run 2 google adwords and see which gets a higher CTR, that may help you find out which works better.
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    Alas, a word that (still) has such high respect in the country it originally came from (India), is completely torn apart and now people are actually contemplating its usage...

    Btw, Guru = Teacher. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Nice to know we are on the same wavelength.
    Just to let you know, I decided to follow the WIIFM rule, and decided to go with 'profits'.
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    Guerilla sounds cooler. Wait, you said day trading. Use American or National. Guru is very colorful hippie and you’re in a very black and white market.
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