Minimal Words - High Impact Copy Help Needed

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I am looking for help... with writing a 75 word script designed to get a business owner to first Press 1 (there goes two words right there) and then, speak their e-mail address into a machine.

There doesn't have to be a real offer, and I prefer it that way because I do not want to have to award a prize (pay for the prize).

So the "offer" can be completely symbolic (informational) as long as it is legal and it converts. Example; "for our secret donut recipe, Press 1."

So... I was brainstorming around some stuff I saw Xponentsys do on a postcard.

"Learn how these down and out guys did these great things..."

So, what do you guys think is that one string that is more likely to be common amongst business owners? A string that can be pulled to get them to opt-in?

Do any of you guys have experience working with Main street level business owners?
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