When You Wish Upon A Star...

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"You Are One Sales Letter Away From Being Rich " - Gary Halbert

What does virtually everyone on the planet want?

Financial freedom, right?

That doesn't mean you want to live an extravagant lifestyle - full of expensive toys, homes all over the world and eating at only the best 5 star restaurants.

Of course, if that's what you want, go for it.

For me...

Financial freedom means having the ability to wake up everyday and go where ever my mind takes me.

It's not about stuff; it's about experiences.

The reason I became a copywriter and push myself to master the craft just a little bit more every single day is:

Copywriting represents freedom.

It embraces the fundamental, deeply instinctual need to emotionally connect.

Because that's what effective copy does:

It creates an emotional connection between you and your audience.

There will never be a time when copywriting isn't relevant or revered (no matter how many hacks butcher it.)


Whether you acknowledge it or not, the reason you're either a copywriter...

...or a business owner looking for a copywriter is:

You want to rub the lamp and awaken the genie.

Copy is your wish upon a star.

It's a grounded, practical tool to give you hope for a better life; a freer life.

Quick story:

My daughter is 10 years old.

And I give her writing assignments every week.

I tell her what I'm looking for is emotional awareness in the copy.

I want to see her exercise those blasted observational skills.

Because if she can do that and write about stuff that's below the surface, she'll be able to command one of the most important aspects to being an effective copywriter.

And yes...

I believe it's massively important for her, and everyone else on this planet, to learn copywriting.

Not even for the purpose of selling something.

If for nothing else, just to learn how to communicate effectively.

For myself...

I'm grateful.

Copywriting opened doors for me I never even knew existed.

When I read some of the stuff people post here on the forum, it frustrates me.

They don't seem to remember how close they COULD be to everything they ever wanted - if they had effective copy.

I hope you know how close you are to the financial freedom you want.

Just read that Halbert quote again.


P.S. I use the word effective a lot. The faster you can eliminate the words good and bad from your vocabulary, the quicker you'll get to that sales letter Gary Halbert's referring to.

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