Where to Get Talented Female Voiceover Artists?!?

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OK, so my business partner and I are in need a female voiceover artist for a VSL about to be produced and the normal go-to sites just aren't giving us any good options.

We normally use The Voice Realm, but the voices we are auditioning are either taking too long to get back to us or not responding well to even the most simple directions and critiques, which is sad because they normally do.

Next, we tried Voices.com and posted a max payment range of $200 more than what their rate sheet said was standard for the job. We got an email back 3 days later from whoever approves the gigs saying "The rate for this job should be $100 more, do you want to raise how much you'll pay?" I replied "No, we're already offering $200 more than your rate sheet says we should." They replied "Well our rate sheet only means studio time, not finished audio. It can take several hours in studio time to get a 30 minute recording." I replied saying we're not paying for "studio time", especially since there is no mention of paying for "studio time" anywhere on their rate sheet and anyways, nearly every top voice on the site records with their own equipment at home... :rolleyes:

So, bottom line: Does anyone have any solid resources for female voiceover artists?

I'd appreciate any suggestions on sites to check out or even individual voiceover artists. Any help is appreciated, thanks Warriors.
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