A tip of the pen to Marty Edelston

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A tip of my copywriting pen to Marty Edelston, founder of Boardroom, Inc., who passed away recently. While many copywriters look to be the next Gene Schwartz or Gary Halbert, I wanted to be Marty Edelston, Albert Lasker or Joe Sugarman, guys who built their own publishing and advertising empires.

Martin Edelston, 84, Of Greenwich, Owned Boardroom Inc. | The Greenwich Daily Voice

Here is some more background on Marty:

The mastermind behind Boardroom Inc. - Thehour.com: Business

Episode 128:The one where Joe talks with Boardroom Inc. founder Marty Edelston « I Love Marketing

The funeral was last Friday in Greenwich, but you can make a donation if desired: "In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Jewish Family Service of Greenwich, www.jfsgreenwich.org, or the United Jewish Federation of Greenwich, www.ujafedgreenwich.org, or the nonprofit educational foundation Marketing Edge, www.marketingedge.org."

Marty Edelston was a giant in direct marketing, and I thank him for his contribution and inspiration.
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