Outsourcing copywriting for solo ads?

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I'm decent at writing ad copy but I'd like to outsource some copywriting for solo ads that will have a high conversion rate. I'd also like to include some marketing psychology techniques/keywords that convert well within my ad copy. Should I find somebody with this kind of experience on elance or fiverr? Where do you go when you need to outsource copywriting? Thank you.
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    Well you can go to warriors member 4 hire don't go nowhere else as you can find everything you need here.
    There are some experienced copy writers here that are looking for job. Just post up a thread in that section and you will have people contacting you for the job.
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    If you want the copy to convert well there are options:

    # Do it yourself if you can write copy.

    # Hire a really skilled direct response copywriter who understands
    how to write copy that converts.

    # Hire maybe a dozen copywriters on sites like elance and fiverr
    and keep split testing until you hit something that converts well
    (this will probably turn out to be a lot more expensive than the
    option above but you might get really lucky).

    Good copywriters aren't cheap but if you're paying for ads or
    if high conversion is worth a lot of money to you then they're
    worth it.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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    I've worked a lot in the solo ad arena.

    Whether you should pay someone depends on what you need.

    Are you a marketer paying to run solo ads... or someone selling solo ads?

    If you sell solo ads you need lots of high-converting swipes.

    If you want to sell with solo ads then an investment in good copy is sensible and lowers the risks of buying the solos in the first place.

    --- Ross
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