An interview I found extremely valuable as a copywriter...

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There are VERY few copywriters/marketers that I subscribe to these days. Just too much info overload.

But one guy I do listen to, a LOT, is Jason Leister. He's a great copywriter, but also tackles a lot of the client-attraction methods and mindset stuff that can help out a lot of copywriters.

If you're not on his list, I highly recommend it.

I subscribe to his paid newsletter, the Rainmaker letter... and he sent out this
interview a few months ago and I found it VERY helpful.

I got so much out of it, it's one I come back to often.

Well, I just found out that Jason's now giving it out for free.

Don’t Miss This Interview

Read it because it WILL be worth it. I've got no affiliation with Jason or this... but when I find something REALLY worth sharing, I do it. And again, it's free.
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