Most Shared Ads of 2013

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It's interesting to see which appeals inspired the most sharing on this list. You can also gain some insight from the Dove campaign which may show your avatar thinks very differently about themselves than others do.
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    Thanks for the post Joe.

    I always find it interesting how the most viewed ads still don't equal the most sales versus their competitors.

    Just a couple quick examples.

    Progressive still outsells Geico, even with their highly viewed viral ad.

    The Dove ad was done by Ogilvy. Dove sales went up 1% after the ad even though it was viewed like 4 billion times.

    Unilever, who owns Dove, also owns AXE. The viral ad caused a lot of talk about how Dove promotes women while AXE demeans them...blah, blah, blah.

    Unilever still is being outsold by Proctor And Gamble.

    It's kind of like a super hot sales letter everyone is talking great it is, and how it just wows everyone that reads it. But has everyone that read it bought the product? No.

    I know for a fact, there have been sales letters that have done less than stellar...but got worldwide attention because they went viral on how great they were written. It was like a snow ball rolling down the mountain. Copywriters jumped on board the "hey that's crazy good" band wagon and went ape over it.

    Lots of times someone will ask for a sales letter critique on the forum, and they'll receive all kinds of feedback.

    I usually sit back and think: "Dude, that should tell you something there. You don't want feedback. You want people asking how they can get it".

    Oh well, a famous copywriter said the same thing once. He said you don't want people coming into your office telling you it was a good letter. You want them running in asking how they can get it.

    I know most will say everyone critiquing the letter might not be the target audience, but I'm still convinced that doesn't always matter.

    If they make their product reach out and grab you...even if it's something you've never thought about, they're on the right track.

    I know some will disagree...but that's my little rant for the day.

    I'm tired and probably just rambling on.

    Happy holidays.
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  • Yeah, these were all over my Facebook feed these year.

    Too many are catchy or entertaining, but don't show any benefits.

    I'm impressed with how some companies manage to be both memorable and show their benefits.

    Sure, people enjoyed that Dove ad, but it didn't give me a reason to buy Dove.

    The Geico ads are memorable, plus everyone knows that in 15 minutes or less, Geico can save you 15% on car insurance.

    The same with Progressive (and as max5ty pointed out, these must be more effective). People know Flo, and they know they can compare rates on Progressive's website. Not a direct reason to buy, but it gets people through the first step of the process.

    How about a list of ads with the highest measurable results?
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