Is THIS the key to GREAT copy?

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A little "informal" poll...

I love Mad Men, like I'm sure a lot of folks here do.

And every scene, I swear... there's a drink involved.

And watching "The Pitch" the other day... the ad agency on there ALL enjoyed a beer during their meetings.

And seeing Mal's post the other day about beer... sorta triggered this question in my mind.

Does anyone here enjoy a "drink"... whether it's beer, wine, whiskey... while writing? I'm not talking shit-faced... although some copy I've read online seems like it was written that way.

I may be asking something that folks don't want to admit, but I'm curious... because I've often wondered if a few beers during my writing would help.

I'll have to test it.

Right now, I drink about 5 cups of coffee a day, and thanks to Rick Duris, love me some bullet proof coffee.

But I'm starting to wonder if a beer or two may just get the juices flowing a bit... was wondering if anyone cared to share if it helped them.
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    My wife just started watching Mad Men.

    She mentioned how every scene is almost required to have a drink or smoke involved.

    Certainly in the office scenes.

    Roger comes in to Don's office and immediately walks over to the bar for some vodka (and pours Don a whiskey.)

    Vice versa when Don goes into Roger's office.

    I used to be against drinking when I had a big project going.

    Alcohol is a massive stimulant. But then it totally depresses your system.

    Up... and then down.

    I'm at the coffee shop right now. And I just slipped a little Jameson into my coffee to lube up the wheels.

    But you can't just sit around drinking all day. You'll definitely lose your edge.

    Not fun.

    The worst thing a writer can feel is having a great idea, but being too smashed to do anything with.

    It sucks.

    Don't do that.

    But don't be stuck up about a little booze either.

    Writers drink.

    Get over it.


    P.S. I also juice every day, drink all kinds of sea vegetation chlorophyll, consume copious amounts of water, do two hours of yoga, meditate, deep breathe and make sure I never let blood pool in my legs. So a little booze ain't gonna slow me down.

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    Let me dig up a post about beer vs. coffee when being creative or writing.

    Back, it's actually an infographic. The conclusion made was beer is good for coming up with ideas, and coffee is good for executing them.
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  • Nothing on chocolate or tea?
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    Meth is bad.

    But... now that you mention it... copywriting supplements could be a highly profitable and totally untapped niche!
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      Originally Posted by DanSharp View Post

      Meth is bad.

      But... now that you mention it... copywriting supplements could be a highly profitable and totally untapped niche!
      Yeah, was kidding about the meth... or was I :-)

      Dan, that's funny.... I remember trying out Focus Factor a few years ago, and then BrainQuicken when I read Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Work Week.

      There was a slew of "mental acuity" supplements... none geared towards IMers though. Bulletproof coffee seems pretty popular.

      Okay, I'll scrap my idea of the "Easy Bake Do it Yourself Meth Lab".... don't feel like burning down the trailer here in the woods of Maine.
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