Taking Copywriting Beyond its Horizon

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If copywriting is about persuasion --- often times to buy or subscribe to a newsletter, then we can apply our copywriting skills in many areas in our lives.

A few years ago I applied my copywriting skill in a local election.

I researched my prospect thoroughly.

He had high blood pressure.
He was a married man with five children.
He had done very well in a previous election but was facing stiffer competition.

I created an avatar.

I figured out his wants:

He wanted to live a life of some kind of a celebrity.
He wanted to have power to control others.
He wanted to visit many countries.

He feared involving himself in stressful work because of his high blood pressure.

He never liked strenuous work.

He feared losing the election.

I extracted his features and skillfully converted them into strong benefits.

I went flat out to include many copy elements I use in my sales letters.

In short I outlined what he wanted (his problem), gave him an irresistible offer spiced with 'no payment until after elections guarantee.') I also found a strong USP. This was easy since his performance in the previous term was good. I put strong proof for my claims.

I mentioned how he:-

· Could campaign using my letter. Using voters' registers that has full addresses we would cover almost every household (which his rivals could only dream about as they depend solely on rallies.)

The letter would be like Direct mail copy with a coupon where the electorate would indicate whether they were willing to vote for him or not after reading copy (postage paid for.)

· could stay at home enjoying sipping his favorite lemonade while the letter was campaigning for him day and night. This could help him have relief from high blood pressure that could end in stroke and, possibly, permanent paralysis.

· would know the results before the elections were held using the coupon information.

I crammed my letter with many more benefits he would enjoy.

I carried him deep into the future using imagination. I wanted to stir his emotions to unprecedented levels.

I made him imagine he had won the election. There is a lot of noise as people anxiously wait for the announcement of the winner. I painted a vivid picture of this scenario.

'The Fool- Proof Strategy for Winning 2008 Elections.'

That was the headline.

It was a very successful campaign that started with a strong proposition.

Copywriting can also be used in other areas where persuasion is needed. It should not be restricted to making sales and subscriptions only.
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    It's great for anything that involves the written word.

    There was a great thread on here about a month a go about using copywriting skills to find our client's jobs.

    It would be close minded to think that copywriting as a skill is nothing more than a tool to make sales.


    Wealthcopywriter.com :)

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