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Genius isn't it? Australian press ad. Got banned pretty quick. Gee - I wonder why. The agency Creative Director defended it with this tosh -
The image encompassed our entire vocabulary and communication strategy for the GoodTime brand. Sun, Fun, and Buns. The extra large, fresh baked buns being the GoodTime Burgers distinct point of difference, coupled with the Bondi location where bikini’s seem to be a uniform.
“The point was to speak to our audience exclusively, and that we have achieved. The image itself has some people feeling violated and even led them to conclusions beyond our original intent. If the advertisement invoked any emotion hopefully it was a pleasant one, and above all it’s OK to smile and have a laugh once in a while.”
Apparently this idiot thinks a hamburger between your ass-cheeks is a "pleasant emotion". Oh yeah...just so you know. "Buns" is American slang that has crept in lately. Along with "butt". Poor old "bottom" got the flick.

"The Freshest Fun Between the Buns" - guess they were trying for an allusion to Bondi Beach and the Lifesaving signs "swim between the flags".

But, Mister Idiot Creative Director....Bondi Junction is a long way from the beach. Its a shopping centre with high-rise offices - so it makes it even more naff. "Bikini's (stet) seem to be a uniform". Uh - no. No-one's going to be ordering whilst dressed in a bikini. "Tell him he's dreaming" - as we say Downunder (from a brilliant Aussie movie "The Castle").
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    Aren't there some clubs on Oxford St that do that every month?
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      Originally Posted by DanSharp View Post

      Aren't there some clubs on Oxford St that do that every month?
      Not with women.
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    Not an image I ever want to see or think about again.


    P.S. The slogan should have been, "It all comes out the same in the end."

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    I wonder what the secret sauce is...
    Nah, ferget it!

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    Hell of a digestive problem.
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    I agree with Mark, it's not a smart idea to associate food a rear end.
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