Free Milk!? Who Is Going To Buy The Cow???

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Teenage girls have been told this by parents for generations. "Don't give it away!"

But I keep seeing copywriters told to send letters, ad changes, etc., on spec, and then hope that the client likes it enough to say "Yes! I will pay you to use this that you've already handed over to me!"

Yes, girls have premarital sex anyway. And often still get married. But what's the ratio?

In the same vein, I'm sure some people might pay for the copy you wave at them, but aren't the chances good they'll take it and run?

Have you done this? How has it worked out? Am I missing something entirely?
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    Giving stuff away adds value to the relationship you have to have with your customer and clients. Those relationships are what will make or break you.

    There's a fundamental part of selling that focuses on reciprocity. I give you something, it's human nature to reciprocate.

    I'm not advocating giving away the farm. Let your potential customers know that you can deliver the goods. How else are they to learn and then know you can be trusted? If you are offering a high-ticket copy writing service, give them small ads or articles so that they you can sell them a $10K sales letter.

    Lastly, you're still creating opportunities for yourself. How you leverage those opportunities should be an integral part of your marketing and sales funnel.
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    What are you guys talking about? Give away articles so they trust you to write a $10k sales letter? Let me know how that goes.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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