Crowdfunding T-Shirt slogan ideas - Feedback request

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to come up with a slogan to put on a T-shirt for the Our City Radio crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

I will of course use the logo and icon, but am stuck on what to do to make it unique. The tagline for the company that is built into the logo already is "Your City, Your Talent, Our Radio" because we play music for indie bands and profile artists & local businesses, for free.

So some ideas I have for the T-shirt tag line:

"Relentlessly Playing Indie Music for Free!" Leaves out artists....

"Relentlessly Supporting Local Indie Artists - for Free!" Too vague & too long?

I obviously like the word relentlessly, lol! Others I work with are suggesting I just use "Proud Supporter", but that seems so ordinary. Another idea was the classic, "I Have Been Exposed!" on the front with logo on the back and with the double entendre "Bringing You the Best Exposure Possible" underneath.

I also suggested "Crowdfunding - 2014 - Indiegogo" and got feedback to leave crowdfunding off entirely, which is the only reason for the limited edition shirt, lol!

If anyone has any feedback on a slogan for this shirt, I'd appreciate the fresh eyes and ideas.

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    OK, no slogan help is forthcoming, lol! I also wrote the copy for the campaign, if anyone has thoughts about it. We plan to promote the page to a wider audience this week. I know it could be better: Our City Radio Supports Indie Bands & Local Communities Worldwide! | Indiegogo
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      Originally Posted by tracyaustin View Post

      OK, no slogan help is forthcoming, lol! I also wrote the copy for the campaign, if anyone has thoughts about it. We plan to promote the page to a wider audience this week. I know it could be better: Our City Radio Supports Indie Bands & Local Communities Worldwide! | Indiegogo
      Hi Tracy,

      I was one of those who saw this and clicked away without responding.

      It looks like one of those "please write my copy for me," questions. I'm sure that's not what you intended, but you might want to check your delivery.
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        Originally Posted by sethczerepak View Post

        Hi Tracy,

        I was one of those who saw this and clicked away without responding.

        It looks like one of those "please write my copy for me," questions. I'm sure that's not what you intended, but you might want to check your delivery.
        Hi Seth,

        Thanks. If I came off as wanting this done for me, far from it, I just felt tapped-out when I wrote that, I think. I'm usually pretty good with headlines, slogans and capturing the essence of things in just a few words.

        Rethinking...what I could use is feedback on whether I am expressing what we do clearly with the long copy. I am so close to the project that objectivity is gone. So the question would then be, what message does the long copy deliver (which will make writing the slogan easier)?

        P.S. I also found a good resource for slogans in another thread. The book "POP!: Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything". Looks like a gem.
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    Hi Tracy,

    Since the idea is to get the T-shirt message noticed, how about this:

    Shameless Promotion
    Indie Artists
    Indie Music

    Good luck with it!

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    Without eyes on the site, the indie bands don't get the benefits you offer.

    Now Tracy, I got lost in the loops between ourcity whatever, Maxx, Venom, Brian, et al.

    That's a lot of balls to be juggling, although, I see they all offer either advertising or simple web presence for a price.

    Now, it took time, and effort, I get what you guys are trying to do with the loop to loop LLC marketing...but, it appeared to me...NONE of the sites were complete...all seemingly stuck in start-up.

    At the site, I clicked on every channel, got hard metal when I hit the sports link, got rock at news channel. Did get a nice sounding Indie at country.

    Now, I may be way off target here, but it just seems like your marketing groups are putting the carts before the horses, trying to generate revenue before you have the various operations ready. LIKE I SAY, I COULD BE WRONG.

    Also, your message to market isn't hit, in my opinion with the home page. Should tell me exactly what is in it for me as an Indie musician/band.

    Put ONE thing on the tee shirt, Anything else will be a waste of space.

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      You've probably seen the big red heart with I [heart image]New York?

      Very popular.

      Replace the text with I [heart image] Indie Bands.

      If you must put the radio station on it,
      make it very small so as to be seen not about the radio
      but about the the bands.

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    gjabiz makes a good point about the main message being the radio station.

    Maybe the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

    Something like:

    Indie Artists
    Indie Music

    I'm interested in what you decide to go with.
    I hope you let us know in this thread.

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    There is a method to the madness, gjabiz, that's all I can say!

    I never though of just putting the url on the shirt, but it makes sense. And the "Shameless" & "I heart" are good, too. Thank you all for the suggestions. I will probably keep the shirt simple, with just the logo on back, and our small icon on front. After all this, lol!

    With appreciation,
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    Rick, thank you for sharing that! I can re-work it, and must bow down to it in its absolute perfection! Yes, I'll update the thread when the decision is made, Phil. Thanks!
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    I like Ewen's suggestion. Make it a t-Shirt people will want to wear when going to festivals and events. For that to happen it has to be slogan based, not advertising based. Not sure if I'd vote for the "heart" thing but the idea's there. Something that they will be proud to wear. The logo must be there (and too hidden) but make it smaller as that also suggests that the music IS bigger than the radio station and not the other way around.
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      To add further to Bill's comment,
      staying with the buyer/wearer of T shirt,
      It's about creating an identity they can
      proudly wear.

      Straying away from this becomes an exercise in self

      Make it about the wearer because it's them
      who are the supporters.

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    Couple things...

    Nobody is going to read a whole sales letter on a t shirt.

    The examples you gave in your post are too much.

    The whole thing about the heart and the radio thing (Ewen) won't work because there's already "I heart radio" would confuse your message.

    I would advise you to get a logo that is in the form of an image for your shirts.

    Your prime audience wearing t shirts will be young people. They're not gonna walk around with a whole paragraph on their shirt.

    A unique image will catch on much quicker.

    The Rolling Stones logo of a tongue sticking out comes to mind. Something simple like that.

    I thought your whole logo for the station was weird. Your music, blah. blah, blah...then you said "our radio". Didn't make any sense to me. Sounded like you were being too possessive of your idea. Maybe I'm wrong with what your tagline meant, but I'm not privy of your intentions, and neither will anyone else be that isn't part of your planning group. Why wouldn't it also be "your radio"?. Don't know, if it doesn't make sense to me it probably won't to most.

    Just a couple thoughts.
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    I agree there is no distinct message yet at the main page of OCR which is one of hundreds of sites. The sites that have Station Managers are more personalized to each city.

    I didn't write the tag line "Your Music, Your City, Our Radio" so I don't love it either. Can't change everything all at once, and some are attached to it!

    I spent the evening writing the following, inspired by RickDuris' contribution to the thread. Trying to better capture the benefits to contributors by better expressing the essence of what OCR is about:


    Funding Our City Radio is Like Converting Your Money into HOPE - for the Indie Bands & Artists of the World!

    Because your contribution to imagination ultimately becomes: beauty, joy, happiness, genius, brilliance, triumph, bliss!

    Indie artists are the people who go without -- eating, sleeping, downtime -- to ride the unpredictable waves of self-expression that threaten to otherwise engulf them.

    Some of them are engulfed.

    They go through life fearing they aren't good enough, feeling vulnerable and exposed for the amount of themselves they infuse into their art.

    They take that soul-sucking job they can walk to so the bills get paid, while they create unique music or art that touches you so deeply you would go without food to own it.

    The very nature of creation requires that they follow where their passions lead them, and there is never a map.

    They are all too often misunderstood, mistreated, under appreciated, discounted.

    They may live a lifetime without accolades or appreciation. Not for lack of talent but for lack of the exposure needed to attract their fans who just haven't found them yet.

    That essential and often elusive element that leads to recognition, gigs, sales, clients and contracts -- the celebration of their sacrifice and commitment!

    We've seen too much artistry go uncelebrated!

    Too many artists whose appreciators can't find them, because there's no money left to spread the word, or no knowledge of effective promotion which is in itself an art form.

    Our City Radio is solving this problem one city at a time, worldwide, relentlessly.

    Indie bands and artists in cities all over the globe will benefit when you help Our City Radio, because they are the people we exist to empower!

    Please take a second to contribute right now, and share our campaign with your friends, knowing that you are not spending your money.

    You are converting it into creativity. Transforming it into fuel for the only global platform that embraces and nurtures indie imaginations as they continue to provide the world with fresh, new experiences.

    How cool is that?

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    When I buy indie music I like, I often think to myself "This is my little way of keeping their dream alive."

    Just a thought, Tracy.

    - Rick Duris
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    I think you have a disconnect on the whole campaign.

    Think about indie music fans.

    What do they care about? What are they thinking about? The music!

    You have an entire video and sales page with no musicians and no music.

    Think of it this way: What would an infomercial producer would do with this campaign? They would interview musicians that benefited from the exposure. They would talk to heavy users who LOVE to listen to Our City 8 hours a day. They would play some live shots of some of the more successful bands in concert. They would position Our City as a fun, exciting social scene of music lovers in the world's hottest music cities.

    They wouldn't drone on about stuff indie music fans don't really care about. I mean, the video and copy you have is fine for now.

    But it does very little to get music lovers excited enough to lay out some cash.

    Get them involved. Give them a demo. Show how the site affects real bands and real listeners in real music scenes. Don't tell me it is too expensive. I'll bet you have interns that could shoot a good video on an iPhone, and have it ready in 3 days for less than 200 bucks in bar bills.

    Make it all about the music and less about the artist journey or technical details.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    OK, the feedback here is so very appreciated. I can't thank you all enough! I will post again when the shirt design is done. And for those that mentioned it, we will be adding graphics and more about local bands soon.

    Many thanks,
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