Sales letters for hypnotherapists?

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I'm in the process of becoming a hypnotherapist. Does anyone know of any good sales letters (in any niche)...with hypnosis as the main mechanism or solution? I've seen plenty of Clickbank ads, etc. I'm looking more for direct mail or magazine ads.


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    Having advised several over the years, the 2 biggest sales you are looking at for cash flow are: Lose weight and stop smoking. You have to ask yourself - how are you going to find those 2 types of clients, then you write the letter specifically for that audience. Your post is wayyyyy toooo general. You can find tons of example letters in general direct sales, but you want something specific.

    Good luck.

    The Shark
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    If you can find proven sales letters that sell hypnosis as the mechanism for solving a problem, that's great.

    But don't forget about the proven copywriting techniques and strategies you'll find in any excellent or proven sales letter regardless of the market.
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  • Wouldn't sales letters, even Amazon pitches, for Paul McKenna and Tony Robbins be excellent places to start? Look for anything selling Erick Brown or indeed any NLP sales course that's specific enough too.

    I don't know how into Paul McKenna you guys are, his hypnosis is actually quite lightweight. But he's got some great techniques for programming. I love his stuff. His books have also made him pretty much a gazillionaire, too, so the sales pitches must work!

    Stop smoking, weight loss and confidence.

    Nick Hall
    Covert Copywriting - Your Secret Sales Weapon


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    Lookup Kenrick Cleveland. If you don't already know him, he's one of the most well-known neurolinguistic programming trainers and a heavy seller of info products to boot.
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