Create blockbuster headlines and report titles with "Mash-Ups"

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For creating powerful headlines I love using "mash-ups". Take two powerful appeals/topics and mush them together into a headline.

Back in 2009 on the old copywriting forum, I posted a video on how I use two do it using Amazon. (pretty common technique these days but you can view free here: 2 Minute Copywriting Cure…)

It's the stupid-simple idea that just keeps giving. We used it in the Financial Planning space a year ago to generate 2000 leads.

And just last week I took the hot topic of "Growth Hacking" and mashed it with the Olympics to create this one: 5 Growth Hacking Lessons From Olympics

It took off in the twitter sphere and facebook.

For those of you who aren't doing this - I can't encourage you enough to start.

For those of you who are doing this, What mash-ups have you seen or used recently (that you can share)?
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    Thank you!
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      I probably shouldn't point this out....

      ...But I don't live and make my money here on Warrior, so let me show those of you that do a simple way to use this principle here. I'm 'very' sure a number of the smarter-bears already are...

      Go to any forum, go to the top of the "views" column and click it. It orders all post in that forum into a ranking greatest to least.

      Let's take the "main internet marketing forum" as an example. This is eye opening...

      Here's stuff I grabbed out of the top 20. Rarely do patterns this strong emerge, but take a good look and you can't miss the hottest topic...

      • What to do if you're desperate
      • Offline Marketers: What services are you offering for monthly fees?
      • Amazon Affiliates - Are You Seriously Making Money?
      • good background music for videos?
      • What are the dimensions of a Youtube video?
      • What's the best Video Editing software for making YouTube Videos?
      • YouTube videos won't play on iPhones, why?
      • YouTube Monetization - How Much Does it Pay?
      • How to get screenshot of youtube vid?
      • Service or Software Like Animoto? (video again)
      • The Hidden Power Of Amazon. Hands Down The Easiest Affiliate Marketing Around. A Blueprint For You

      The outlier is the emotional word "Desperate". Love that. Great hook.

      The two strongest interest are Video (youtube specifically) And Amazon Affiliate stuff.

      And the biggest appeal is "Make Money"

      Time to mash... I"ll get you started, you add in your variations. Run these through some of the classic, proven headline formulas and you've got some money makers in here...

      "Boom! ... I was desperate for money...Then I discovered this weird Youtube secret"

      Okay, you're turn.

      Your headlines can actually be awful, but if they have the right appeals in them, they will generate great results.

      Like I said in the video above, John Caples said, "If I had a year to write an ad, I would take 11 months and find the right appeal."

      But now, thanks to Forum view buttons, Amazon, Twitter Streams, etc, you can find the right appeal in moments.

      Robert Stover

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    Good stuff. I find some people get confused with an appeal vs a hook. Here a good rundown of appeals from an article from Roy Furr talking about Caples and effective appeals:

    "When you’re writing your advertising, it should be based on one core appeal — the fundamental benefit your prospect will experience from doing business with you. Based on Caples extensive research across nearly every type of consumer, here are the 18 effective appeals on which to base your advertising (in no particular order):
    • Make more money
    • Save money
    • Retirement security
    • Better health now
    • Health care security
    • Security in old age
    • Advance in profession or trade
    • Prestige
    • Enjoyment
    • Easier chores
    • Gain more leisure
    • Comfort
    • Reduce fat
    • Freedom from worry
    • Be in the “in” group
    • Desire for bargain
    • Popularity/attention
    • Beat the Joneses"
    Effective Appeals from John Caples Tested Advertising Methods | Fresh Look, Inc.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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