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OK, I'm ready to get started in writing some copy is there a way for me to find a product to sell online that can create a steady income? I will set up a website and write copy i can practice with:confused::confused::confused:
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    Take a look at Sean's post here.

    There's some good tips in there for writing copy for your own products or affiliate products.

    But do you know how to drive traffic correctly?

    You can have a great product, great copy and a great funnel but it won't make squat unless people are seeing it.

    Wealthcopywriter.com :)

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    Another quick way to practice is to sell something around your house on craigslist and/or the classified section in the newspaper.
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  • Find some PLR to experiment with, or create your own product. Think about what you're good at and passionate about, determine if there's demand in that market, and create a product that offers real value.

    As to a "steady income" - it takes most people years to go from ZERO to a steady passive income. Although I'm assuming your mean an income you can live on. I guess $10/month is technically "steady."

    You've got to learn and test, rinse and repeat, until you can consistently bring in considerable cash.
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    Gosh... work on your English a bit, then pick an affiliate product and set up your own site for it. There's affiliate networks everywhere. You'll be spoiled for choice when you start looking.

    --- Ross
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      yeah not the best English I'm Latino
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