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I am new to copywriting but would like to get some real training from a pro. My problem is my limited funding to begin with. I am on a fixed income but I can afford $47 per month which is what Miguel Alvarez is charging for his 24 week course. I have been buying WSO's and other affordable material, but going it alone has not paid out for me.

Being new, I am not familiar with Miguel or his qualifications. He is endorsed by some pretty heavy names in IM and has their testimonials on his sales page. So, unless he paid for those, I am taking them as the honest opinion of those guru's.

My question is, has anyone here taken his course and if you have what can you or would you tell me about it. Is it structured for newbies as well as experienced marketers? Could a newbie learn enough to apply to his marketing and see a marked difference in sales revenue?

I know all this depends on myself and how I apply his teachings but I would like to hear from anyone that has taken or is taking his course. I have been saving for another course listed on the list supplied by Max Z. but if I can get a leg up with Miguels course I will certainly signup for it. I could then afford the more expensive course's being offered.

Thanks, swtp43 (alex)
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    Ive seen a lot of courses discussed here, and have determined that the stuff you want to study is -
    John Carlton - anything
    Gary Halbert - Everything
    Clayton Makepeace - anything
    Yanik Silver - (from my own independent research)
    Dan Kennedy (obviously an IM machine)

    btw, I think John Carlton's original package (kickass copywriting) is like $99 now.

    Save 2 months worth of what you can spend and buy something proven.

    Hope it works out for you.
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