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I remember as a teenager reading some of those GRQ ads I've found searching in the archives on Warrior forum. It's been interesting finding out the bio of some of these promoters such as John Wright, Bud Weckesser, Joe Karbo, just to name a few.

There's one person though, that had a whole spate of GRQ ads out in the 1980's, that I haven't seen mentioned - or at least I can't find him using the Search function. That person would be Robert E. Shindler who had a whole series of books out published by New Start Publications in Sterling VA. Some of the titles were:

Shortcuts to becoming rich (1978) Robert E. Shindler

$25,000 dollars for a few hours work doesn't seem fair! (1981)
Robert E. Shindler 1940- (John Chriswell a.k.a. Robert E. Shindler)

How to get by on $10,000 dollars a day! (1981)
John Chriswell a.k.a. Robert E. Shindler

The Lost secret! (1981)
Robert Trent (a.k.a. Robert E. Shindler)

Here's what my money-making plan will do for you! (1983)
Daniel A. Crandall a.k.a. Debra A. Grubbs.

The Soft touch to $1 million dollars (1983) a.k.a. The Crandall secret!
Daniel A. Crandall (a.k.a. Debra A. Grubbs)

It's your turn to get rich (1984)
Adam J. Lear a.k.a. Debra A. Grubbs

How to get rich sooner than you think (1984)
Joanna Jordan a.k.a. Debra A. Grubbs

What is it? (1985)
Robert E. Shindler a.k.a. N. S. P., Inc.

25,000 dollars for a few hours work doesn't seem fair! (1986)
Robert E. Shindler & Debra A. Grubbs

America's fastest way to become a millionaire (1986)
Mark J. Reynolds a.k.a. Debra A. Grubbs

The Best kept secret of the new rich! (1986)
Steven A. Houseman, a.k.a. Debra A. Grubbs

Say a fast goodbye to "fat" forever! (1987)
Mary Ellen McNeil (a.k.a. Debra A. Grubbs)

Time for a change (1990)
Robert E. Shindler 1940-

And his last work that I can find record of - not sure if that title is meant as a joke - but it sure reads funny!

I've hit rock bottom and it's hard (2004)
Robert Edwin Shindler 1940-

As you can see from that list, it's pretty hard to keep track of who's who. Seems Shindler had a lot of pen names, though Debra A. Grubbs might have been a real person - his wife maybe?

Anyways, does anyone know anything about Robert E. Shindler? Is he still alive, his background?
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