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Hey guys,

I just have a quick question... Hopefully there's someone here who can answer it.

I was looking at AWAI's Direct Response Jobs board and I tried to sign up for an account.

It appears you need to be an AWAI member first.

It's not really clearly explained on the site how you do that, but they seem to be suggesting that you need to buy one of their products.

If that's the case, which course is the best one to buy? The Six Figure Freelancing one?


- Andrew
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    Hi Andy,

    I've never bought any AWAI products, but a friend (who's also a GKIC member with me) bought Dan Kennedy’s Writing for Info-Marketers Training and Certification Program through AWAI.

    He said he highly recommends it. I've looked it up and it's pretty expensive.

    Again, this is what I've heard from a friend so I have no experience with this program.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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      Hi Andy,

      According to their sales letter for "AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting" course: Can You Write a Letter Like This One?

      "Plus - and this is a biggie - there's, our exclusive Online Job Board, where marketers and writers come together. As I said, AWAI is more and more becoming the place the industry turns to for copywriters to write the volume of letters that need to be written. And with the industry's demand for copywriters growing - and the reputation of our program and the members who complete it getting stronger - we knew we had to provide a way for marketers to place their job ads one day ... and have a writer in place the next. was the result. As an AWAIer, you'll have full access to this service - and it's free!"

      The way I read it, it sounds like you gain access to this job board once you sign up for the course.
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      Originally Posted by AmericanMuscleTA View Post

      Dan Kennedy’s Writing for Info-Marketers Training and Certification Program through AWAI.
      That's the best course on there in my opinion.

      Don't know about the job board for finding work, but if you're good, use direct mail.

      Read Bill Glazer's book "Outrageous Advertising," specialize in one niche and get a highly targeted list and send one or two touches a month.

      That's how I started. Went from $0 per month to $30,000 a month in less than a year. Probably be even easier today since so many copywriters are hung up on email and online job boards.
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    There's an email copywriting course is there that gets great reviews (wink wink)...
    Copywriters! Want to Get More Clients and Make More Money? FREE Webinar:
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      Originally Posted by MikeHumphreys View Post

      It's offered as a bonus for different AWAI products besides their Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

      I got access to it from buying one of their bootcamp video sets.
      I bought the Six Figure Copywriting course years ago - that's how I got started. I was so intrigued by the promises in their sales letter, I literally couldn't wait to get my hands on it...

      And I also have one of their bootcamp sets - an audio set.

      Now I have to dig up the access info again...

      Originally Posted by Jay White View Post

      There's an email copywriting course is there that gets great reviews (wink wink)...
      LOL, Jay! Your course has been on my wishlist for a while. Hope it's still there when I'm ready to buy it!

      FREE Report: 5 Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Income

      Let Me Help You Sell: Sales Letters, Email Series, Pre-Sell Reports... PM me & we'll talk!
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    The jobs they post there suck for the most part, in my opinion.

    I think they aggregate copywriting jobs from other job sites... right now there's a job in there for an editorial copywriter with Urban Outfitters, for example.

    So I wouldn't buy a course purely for access to the "direct response" jobs site.

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    One of the things that used to really bother me about the DRJ site is that there was no guarantee you'd get paid. Plus some of the people want stuff done "on spec". I'd buy access to the course (I have the 6-figure one and graphic design one) because you want the course, not because of the job board.
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    Your assumption is correct. You do have to purchase one of their products to have access to the Job Board. I took the AWAI Six Figure Copywriting Course and yes, it is pricey compared to others, but I highly recommend it. It's well put together and contributors are all six figure copywriters themselves. As far as the Job Board itself goes, I never found it to be of much help. Yes, they do aggregate jobs from other Job Boards and nearly all of those jobs required the copywriter to have post-secondary degrees in Journalism or Marketing and many aren't actually looking for direct response copywriters. They want content writers; something I never understood considering all the training they offer is geared at direct response copywriting

    "A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself." ~ David Ogilvy

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      I purchased Michael Masterson's Accelerated Program For Six- Figure Copywriting way back in 2003.

      The institute is owned by top copywriters who have produced very good course material.

      They also offer a book --- 'Hall of Fame' -
      'Great Selling Ideas From 50 Super-Sussessful Direct Mail Letters and Direct Response Ads.'

      I was able to become a member through the purchase of this course.

      Like others have put it, some jobs advertised are not for copywriters. Besides the number of jobs posted there is small. There is irregular job postings too.
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