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I have a few sites that are doing ok but i really want my travel site to do much better I guess because it is a passion. I use good call to action words on my other sites and it is kind of easy.

However you don't use buy now or click now or anything like that on a travel site just because people planning a vacation don't like being pushed. Most often people going to specific location travel sites go there to start the planning process.

People who go to places like travelocity and expedia already have everything planned and want to make reservations which is what those two big sites are because you will never find information about anything there.

So I am looking for ideas on how to tactfully convince people to come back to my site after learning what they came there in the first place for to not only get other info but to come back and book everything through me.

They will end up at the big places anyway because most travel sites don't have there own reservation services . I read in a few place to just ask people to come back and ask for the sale and I have done that on most of my pages but I am as I said looking for more ideas on getting them back and book everything.

Again as I said people planning an overseas vacation start planning many months ahead so they are never in a hurry to book anything. I keep thinking that the information on my site is good enough and can't really be found anywhere else would be enough for them to come back but it hasn't really been the case. I mean I get people back but nothing like I am looking for. Thanks for reading and looking for ideas.
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    Whats your website? Maybe youll have to get a system build in your website like travelocity and what not.
    I think an effective way is using video marketing. Make animation videos and what not put them on youtube using your keywords/seo and youll have more traffic to your website as well.
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    I've worked on a lot of travel projects. The vacation rental business seems to do the best.

    One thing you MUST do if you're selling VRs: focus on the benefits of the rental itself (amenities), and not so much the location.
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    Originally Posted by marks2424 View Post

    So I am looking for ideas on how to tactfully convince people to come back to my site after learning what they came there in the first place for to not only get other info but to come back and book everything through me.
    "Tactfully" doesn't work well on the Internet. You have to get your visitor's attention and make an impact.

    Want them to come back? Make them an irresistible offer. And express it with words that create mental imagery.

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    To make customers coming back to your website you need to apply onlinn marketing strategies that will help you to grow your business.

    1. Get active on Soical meida andshare special offers, vacation discounts, and other attractions. Run travel campaigns to engage your audience.

    2. Build up a blog where you provide great content for your reader.

    3. Join relevant travel forums and become an influencer by answering vast range of questions. Talk about your brand once in a while.

    If you find it difficult to promote your travel website then you can hire marketing experts from TravSell

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