My copy's sold millions: here's a quick tip

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When writing first drafts, rather than sit at the computer, I go old-school and either:

a) get out of the house, to a starbucks or library or park, to write (longhand on pad of paper w/pen)


b) I've got a kingsize bed and I loaded it up w/queensize down pillows and comforters; I write longhand w/montblanc pen and pads of paper... i mindmap out key prospect objections, sales hooks, bullets and headlines.

i often write for hours, in a relaxed environment, longhand, so my mind can wander and drift... then all of a sudden the best bullets and copy hooks drift to mind, i write them down; Then go upstairs to enter in pc/dreamweaver/WP/etc

hope that helps,

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    What's your view on wearing silk pajamas while writing in bed? They feel great but the notepads keep slipping off my lap while I'm trying to write.
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      Originally Posted by misterme View Post

      What's your view on wearing silk pajamas while writing in bed? They feel great but the notepads keep slipping off my lap while I'm trying to write.
      I agree.

      I prefer Velcro underwear. That's my secret to making a trillion dollars with my sales writing while relaxing in bed.
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        Originally Posted by sethczerepak View Post

        I agree.

        I prefer Velcro underwear. That's my secret to making a trillion dollars with my sales writing while relaxing in bed.
        I have a feeling that velcro is just gonna make certain things a tad more dangerous than I need them to be

        "A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself." ~ David Ogilvy

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    I agree wholeheartedly. Being another "copy millionaire" I can promise you that #1 on his list is the key for me. If I go out into the REAL WORLD and write my copy, it is ALWAYS better.

    I have written good copy sitting at my desk, but it is always forced on my part. I don't want to be sitting here writing, I would much rather be out and about with that sense of freedom. Then the creative juices really start flowing!

    I write 50/50 between my laptop and pen and paper. They are both effective for me, and I think that this part is really personal preference. I base it off of my mood, if I feel like writing on paper, I do it!

    Great advice.


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      I prefer to write in the quiet. No music, no background chatter, as little noise as possible.

      The thought of writing in a public place doesn't appeal to me in the least.

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    I've got to be at a desk for 100% productivity. Something about lounging on the couch slows down my mind and says "hey, this can get done some other time..."

    Of course, sometimes I just go for a walk to think through certain aspects of the copy.

    But hey, whatever works.
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      Hey Ken,

      Long time, no talk.

      I've tried writing free-hand but I can't write as fast as I can type because of an old thumb injury from my past massage therapy career.

      Do you ever write to music? I find headline writing goes a lot faster with fast music for me, although there's been times where I use instrumental (sax, guitar) stuff to get on a roll with writing body copy.

      I do find that the more relaxed I can be when I try to write, the easier the words flow.

      Take care,


      P.S. Some background for those of you who aren't familiar with the OP....

      When I first started online in 2004, I discovered Ken Calhoun through Cory Rudl's training (R.I.P. Cory) as one of Cory's most successful students, pulling down six-figures every year from in the late 1990's through the present day.

      Ken was very kind to me as a new online marketer, pointed me in the right direction with deadly accurate advice (everything he ever told me has always worked) and I owe a lot of my early success online to me.

      The biggest help he gave me though was in copywriting.

      Case in point, when I asked him who was the best online copywriter to study at the time (early 2004) he introduced me to Michel Fortin. About 4 months later, Fortin wrote the salesletter for Traffic Secrets 1.0 which was the first product launch in IM niche history to produce over $1 million in sales during the first 24 hours alone.

      It was studying Fortin's training materials and multiple 7-figure winners that helped me hone my copywriting skills enough to be ready to start writing copy professionally.

      Ken was one of the first guys online doing infomercial style video salesletters in non-IM niches as well. He's been doing them very profitably since the mid-2000s with ZERO affiliates. A number of his video scripting "tricks" I've used in writing my own VSLs and they've worked beautifully. And no, I'm not going to reveal what the niches are. Do some research and you might find a few of them.

      Ken's honest about the type of money he's made online because he wants people to get that he's coming from a place of authority and knowing what the hell works. His "money talk" might rub some folks the wrong way but that's their hang-up IMHO. You'll be hard-pressed to find other marketers with a track record as long as his and a depth of knowledge on copywriting, video, and scriptwriting too.
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    I do something very similar, however I go oldschool all the way until I am finished then it´s time for open office.
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    I go REALLY old school... chisel and granite.

    Longcopy takes 2 generations to complete.
    The Montello Group
    Your Premier Conversion Cooperative

    Join Us For Free Conversion Webinars
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    Hi Mike, thanks so much for the kind words; much appreciated... right re Michel Fortin, he's brilliant. And yes I did some of the world's first non-adult VSLs starting 2001 (using realmedia video), I pioneered VSLs and videos on salesletters years before anyone else. Starting in 2001. Anyone you know of, do non-adult VSLs prior to that? nope. I started them, using .rm (realmedia video promo clips).

    I pioneered 'big' trading launches in the trading industry long before there was formal launch training, with a 7-DVD system that's sold very well, back in 2003-2004, using time-limited preview webinars, launch content and more

    True story, back here under my prior nickname in mid 2000s I said everyone should use video and roughly 70% of the WF disagreed, saying videos' too slow, people won't watch them etc. Fast forward a decade and now almost everyone agrees VSLs are the way to go.

    problem with being a pioneer is sometimes we get arrows stuck in us by the skeptics first...

    and no re silk pjs -- if you must know I wear champion brand grey gym shorts and shirts around the house, have for fifteen years online, they're comfortable - my wife says I look like a ninja wearing them lol

    Champion 6.3 oz. Cotton Jersey Shorts at Amazon...Champion 6.3 oz. Cotton Jersey Shorts at Amazon... Champion Men's Jersey Short With Pockets at...Champion Men's Jersey Short With Pockets at...
    when I go out of the house, I like Tommy Bahama silk shirts, I have a closetful

    thx again Mike, good to see you online here again
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