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Hi all. I'm new to this forum and a fairly new copywriter as well.

Just wondering how you more experienced guys handle the design and graphic elements of your web page sales copy. Do some of you do your own graphic design and layout or do you collaborate with someone who has that expertise? Which is better and why, in your opinion?
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    I'm lucky as I work with computer for 35 years so i do everything myself, code and design
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  • Most of my clients already have their design team.

    I just write the copy and give basic design consultation - which words to bold, where to insert images, etc.
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    Hi Spider,

    Have been a direct response copywriter AND have been working with web graphics since the 90s and though I both outsource and create my own web graphics when it comes to sales letters I've chosen to do both the copywriting and graphic work myself because it's really fun to see it all come together.

    It's a challenging experience but once you get the hang of manipulating graphics the stuff just flows.

    Much like anything else practice makes perfect so I suggest you start learning and doing to get good at both copywriting and graphic design even if you ever choose to outsource the knowledge you gain will come in handy for you if you ever decide to become a consultant copywriter in the future.

    PLUS it's often good to know how to do things yourself so outsourcers can't hold you to ransom.
    You can't know it all but having the skill won't hurt either.

    I might consider setting up to teach the graphic sales letter layout skill sometime in the future if there's enough interest in it but you can definitely pick up the skills on your own as I and thousands of others have over the years.



    PS: If you can find someone to collab with that's also an awesome way to save time and money. Good luck.
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