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I've noticed two things here on Warrior's Copy Forum.

1. There's some great copywriters willing to share solid advice for free.

2. They can't do it because the people requesting the advice are being so vague in their request for help it is impossible to give anything but vague responses.

I can appreciate the fact folks are trying to protect their niches - but also appreciate the fact that when you put a request in that sounds like..

"Hi, I've got an exclusive PLR product in an pet based niche and need a killer headline...."

That you are going to get vague, uninspiring, opposite of killer response in return.

It's almost a crime. Lurking here are men and women that are paid $10,000 for the copywriting services willing to offer solid advice - And all they are being given to work with is some version of...

"I need a copywriting approach for a sales letter for this really powerful product I've written for the sports market"

To quote the great direct response strategist, Mac Ross... "Sometimes you've got to show a little leg to get the taxi to stop."
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    It's like they say... "you get what you ask for!"
    Scary good...
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    In my opinion, there is no need for vagueness , any and every niche will be found by someone and most likely not only one. You may be giving away your niche, but it doesn't mean necessarily have to give away your business model.

    Open up and share so we can help you better
    I hope this helped

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      Learning a valuable lesson is worth way more than exposing a profitable niche (besides most people are stacked with projects to do allready and don't really KNOW for a fact that you're niche is that darn profitable anyway...)

      That's my 2 cents on the matter...
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