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by GlenH
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I'm seeing a lot of sales pages (both video and traditional sales letter pages) where you see a Facebook comments box /section under the VSLl, or at the end of the sale letter.

What you're opinion having that Facebook comments box section under the sales video / letter?

Is it distracting?

Does it help the visitor to feel more engaged with the message?

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    Like anything else, there's no definitive yes or no answer to using FB comments.

    When it works:

    1) It provides real-time, verifiably real social proof - very powerful.
    2) Each of those comments can drive traffic back to the sales letter
    3) Great objection busting conversations can break out and demolish last bits of resistance.

    When it doesn't work:

    1) Nobody comments and the offer looks unpopular
    2) Can slow down load time on the page
    3) Trolls can sabotage the comments
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    If you have lots of real fans for your product who are commenting, then this can be a big benefit for your business as it provides proof to other potential buyers that your product is worth the money. The theory being, otherwise why would all those people commenting so positively have invested money.
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      Originally Posted by meghas View Post

      It's not really working as you think.
      Facebook visitors are just for fun, not purchase any kind of stuff.
      You are kidding, right? Facebook is a great place to be right now to sell all kinds of stuff.
      Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
      - Jack Trout
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