Would a direct marketing sales letter easily outperform flyers?

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I have a quick question for the copywriters here who have direct marketing experience in the "offline world".

Logically speaking, assuming a ceteris paribus condition (for the sake of simplicity), a 3 to 4 page sales letter mailed out to a targeted list should technically outperform a mailed out flyer in the same niche, right?

Assuming I'm not thoroughly mistaken, would any of you happen to know where I can dig up some statistics on this issue? I've tried Googling for days, but to no avail.

Also, I've stated a ceteris paribus condition for the sake of simplicity. But yes, I'm well aware of the dynamism that entails marketing in general. And that there are a plethora of intertwining factors all affecting each other at the same time.

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

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    You probably have to create your own statistics for this, by trying out your method.

    Direct targetted sales letter should outperform flyers... but it all depends on many factors and if you have done it right. That means, both could have exactly 0 results, if you happen to target the wrong audience, have the wrong offer or solving the wrong or no problem.

    You might want to look for a method to test it out first, where you get some feedback back. This could be as example sending it to existing customers and asking them afterwards about it.
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    I've done plenty of both. Best results come from combos.

    1) A one page flyer (aka lift letter) with a a compact message.
    2) A detailed letter for the people who want to know more

    Mail them in one package. Give the reader a high and low threshold response option. For example, a number to call for a live person for people who are ready to talk business as well as a more info offer for people who are at an earlier stage of the buying cycle.
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    I haven't sent any flyers to businesses, I handed son out but never sent them.

    d mail tho, I've sent those countless times and they work.
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