What inspired you to be a copywriter?

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I know there are many great copywriters in WF. Was just wondering, what inspired you to be a copywriter?

Would love to know how you guys started out.

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    I got laid off and it was either writing or something slightly shady.

    Not really inspirational in the traditional sense, but definitely a powerful motivator.

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    I like sales psychology and did some house to house
    selling, but the real motivation was necessity and my
    love for independence. Nothing like setting your own
    hours and determining your own income (in a way).

    On a higher level I love to see the smile on my clients
    face when everything comes together and their sales

    -Ray Edwards
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    For me, I think it was reading John Scalzi's book about writing--before he was a novelist, he was a successful copywriter. He kept referencing how well it paid in the book, so that sucked me in and got me looking "down the rabbit hole." Once I started reading and learning about copywriting, I was hooked!


    D.J. Gelner

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    I think that everything you do in life requires copy writing / selling skills.

    For me, it's just a way of living.

    You wanna hang out with friends, you gotta convince them to go out instead of sitting in front of TV, you meet girls/boys, you gotta sell yourself, you got kids - you gotta convince them to go to bed.

    Selling is just a part of my life.
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      I had several sales internships in college and basically spent the entire day on the phone cold calling companies. I absolutely hated being on the phone all day, especially with people who didn't even want to talk to me.

      I picked up a book by John Caples and realized that sales through writing not only was more enjoyable for me, but I could accomplish the same magnitude in a day as a copywriter as I could in a month as a cold calling salesman.

      I also think every successful entrepreneur has some degree of salesmanship and/or copywriting ability. It's a skill I'm trying to hone not just as a profession, but possibly as a tool in the future if I start my own business.
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