The Unparalleled Power of Emotions in Boosting Sales ---

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We have heard it all ---

'Sell the sizzle not the steak.'

'People buy on emotion.'

'Emotions sell' ---

--- you know this is true because you have heard it several times and have figured it out. Top copywriters and marketers sell on emotion to increase their sales to unprecedented souring levels.

We understand this from a psychological point of view.

Paint a picture of your prospect enjoying the benefits of your product --- and you make your prospect quiver with desire if he has an urgent problem and desperately needs a solution.

But before I go into details ---

--- let me justify the claim I have made in the headline.

Let me repeat it in another context.

It's true the power of emotions in a sales copy is relatively unparalleled.

Why do I say so?

Advertising research shows that --- a consumer's buying decision is more influenced by emotions than any part of an ad.

For a television ad the ratio of emotions to that of the entire content is 3:1

For a print ad the ratio of influence on consumer decision-making between emotions and the rest of the ad content is 2:1

See the graphic representations in percentage form below.

Fig. 1. Graphic representation of the influence of emotions and that of entire ad content on consumers' buying decisions ( print ad. )

Fig 2. Graphic representation of the influence of emotions and that of entire ad content on consumers' buying decisions ( TV ad.)

In other words you can put all elements of an ad together; they will not beat emotions in influencing buying decisions.

Therefore, ---

--- the power of emotions in selling is justifiably unparalleled.

To solidify this research finding, let us look at another discovery, this time from a neuroscientific point of view.

We can hardly make buying decisions without our emotions.

'That is incredible!'

I hear you talking to yourself.

Well, I couldn't believe it too. So, I embrace your doubts.

Let me explain what changed my perception.

Antonio Damasio is a professor of neuroscience at University of California. He is a recipient of at least 4 prizes and 4 honorary degrees, author of 4 books and numerous research papers in his field

He is a well trained and highly experienced medical doctor.

As you can see he swims in a deep pool of high credibility.

What research findings does he bring to the table?

Stunning research findings

Damasio studied people whose connection between the thinking and emotional areas of the mind had been damaged.

Surprisingly, ---

--- they were capable of processing information logically. They could come up with alternative solutions to a problem BUT failed to make decisions.

Explanation: --- they lacked the' sense of how they felt' about their options. In other words, they didn't have the relevant emotions to enable them make usual preferential decisions.

Without emotions we can hardly make decisions --- including buying decisions.

Therefore, to a marketer, emotions are at least as important as the product she or he sells. Emotions influence buying decisions by about 75% (in some cases) better than the entire ad content ---finely blended with well curved benefits this could go beyond that.

To a marketer, what is your product for if it can't make you money?

Without EMOTIONS you can hardly sell because your prospects find it difficult to make buying decisions

To effectively sell you have to arouse your prospects' dominant emotions.

The ratios in studies cited above and in particular professor Damasio's findings totally and conclusively confirm the unparalleled role of emotions in a sales copy.

If you want more information about this --- visit my blog post.

In it I have more details about decision-making. I discuss how past experiences are released from the subconscious mind. It shows how these cloud the conscious mind and disrupt reasoning. This paves way for preferential and meritorious emotion-driven buying decisions.

But in a sales copy, a copywriter or marketer has to rationalize the emotion-driven decision to drive out buyer's remorse to extinction.
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      Originally Posted by Abhinay Reddy View Post

      I would suggest you include 70% of emotional reasons and 30% of logical reasons to buy your product at that moment.

      It's important.^^^^^Just My suggestion^^^^^.
      No thanks... formulas like that are worthless... especially when pulled out of the air.

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      Originally Posted by Abhinay Reddy View Post

      People buy from emotion and justify with logic. However let me tell you a certain thing, if you're going all with selling just emotion it doesn't work.

      Trust me!!! I've tried it.!!!

      Without a logical reason as to why a person should do something he won't buy.

      However, Emotion is still the main component to sell. Emotional selling is much more effective then logical selling.

      I would suggest you include 70% of emotional reasons and 30% of logical reasons to buy your product at that moment.

      It's important.^^^^^Just My suggestion^^^^^.

      Hi Abihnary,

      Welcome to Warriorforum.

      'If you are going all with selling emotion it doesn't work.'

      Who said people sell only on emotion?

      Read my last sentence in the thread. All that the thread says is that the biggest role in selling is p;ayed on emotion.

      The small role remaining is done by the remaining elements of a sales copy. For illustration purposes I made some graphic representation of this.

      After having made a buying decision people like rationalizing the purchase.
      Rationalization is finding of a LOGICAL REASON.

      For what reason?

      To get rid of buyers' remorse.

      The percentage useds are found in some consumer research findings.

      Secondly, these are backed up by Professor Damasio's research findings on decision-making.

      On which research finding are you basing your '70% emotional reasons and 30% logical reason' ?

      There is no room for suggestion here. We should write factual information based on research work.

      Selling on emotion doesn't mean using emotions only --- but MAINLY EMOTIONS to a large extent.

      And you agree with me on this point because you have mentioned it.

      What point are you trying to register then?

      Are you trying to increase the number of your posts or you are just keeping up appearances to ensure that your signature keeps on glowing?

      This forum is a good market place but its not the only one. There are job boards, running your own online newsletter to create your own client list you can mail to at will ---

      You can start prowling the net for weak copy, get onto referral systems, joint ventures (if offering complementary services) etc These are some of the marketing strategies you can adopt elsewhere.

      There were some good copywriters on this forum. They rarely visit this forum because they are comfortable with other marketing strategies elsewhere.

      I quoted consumer psychologists and a professor of neuroscience.

      Who are you quoting, yourself?

      Which is the source of your percentages?

      Like medicine, psychology, economis, administration, teaching etc. copywriting is a field of study.

      On this forum are learned and experienced copyqwriters. But not everyone who comes to this sub-forum is a coywriter. Our knowledge levels differ.
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    SO TRUE. We are helplessly emotional creatures, and if you can tap into that, you're going to succeed in this type of business FOR SURE.
    Internet Marketing Professional because I just want to SURF.
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