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So I've recently opened shop for myself and I'm delivering my Salesletters and Squeezepages to clients in Word documents.
I am NOT a graphics person and I make sure the client knows that when they buy.

Question: Do most marketing clients have their own graphics person?

I previously worked for a service that included the graphics work in their package. So I would send the word doc to the client, they would work things out from there with the graphics person.

Am I leaving money on the table by just being a word doc girl? Should I partner with a graphics person and offer a "graphics done for you" option in my offerings?


Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Melissa,

    Most copywriter I know deliver their finished work as a Word document,
    but I do the graphics and formatting or at least advice on it. If you
    are not up for the extra work you should partner with a graphic
    designer who understand direct marketing principles--most don't.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Depending on the piece I'll sometimes include a "Copywriter's Rough".

    This is a simple sketch-like design meant to show how I envisioned (in general) the final piece to look.

    However, I don't do any REAL graphic design. And the Rough is just a little extra I sometimes provide.

    Mark "Drez" Dresner
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    Thanks guys. It's really scary putting myself out there. Your feedback is appreciated.
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    At minimum, you might want to make notation on your Word document where on the page to insert specific type of rich media/content. And, though you might not consider yourself a graphics person, you could still create easy pie charts/graphs, etc based on your written content to at least give the client a direction to go. And, as said before, partner with someone who does graphics and charge more.
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    If you can master the graphics portion of your sales pages etc. your conversions will almost double. That's what I have experienced. Graphics do have to make sense though. The right graphics for the right sales pages will take your product from good to amazing!
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      Originally Posted by Vincent Joseph View Post

      If you can master the graphics portion of your sales pages etc. your conversions will almost double. That's what I have experienced.
      Can you share an example of where you've experienced doubling your conversions by mastering the "graphics portion" of your sales pages?
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        I send my copy as a Word and PDF file (just to be sure they can read it) with no graphics.

        You can make more money as just a copywriter... and not have to deal with anything subjective. Are you a copywriter or a designer? Depends on how you want to position yourself.
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