Paris L and Brian Kurtz dinner

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Last night I had dinner with Paris the copywriter and Brian from boardroom.

They are such giving and kind people.

I was honored to be invited to dinner with them.

A night out with them is worth six months of reading posts here.

Why mention this?

Because top dog, bad asses, if you past the gatekeeper, are very kind and giving.

Like Rick Duris here.

The secret ?

Going to high level seminars.

If you want to be a success in any field, attend the high level stuff. Even if it kills you in the pocket.

And somehow get invited to dinner.

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    Did you take some good duck-face selfies to post on your Instagram?
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    Nice goin', Adam.

    Great guys, Parris and Brian... and zero pretense with either.

    Mucho respect for them both.
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    PS: Seminars are great. And PayPaling us money out of the blue works too.

    Actually, I'm pretty serious about that.

    I was trying to get a meeting with a high-priced consultant. After a number of attempts, I asked his gate keeper how to get a meeting with him.

    He said "Simple. Pay for an hour of his time."

    I did. We hit it off and made a ton of money together.
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    Awesome Adam!

    The more you give, the more you get.

    The catch is...

    You give - just to give. No agenda.


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    Paris was cool when I met him at a NYC seminar a few years ago.

    I was just getting started in the biz and he came over to introduce himself to me.

    Unfortunately, we quickly found we had absolutely nothing in common!

    So that's the end of that anecdote.

    --- Ross
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      It sounds like you took a another step forward towards your 1% goal.

      Did you all decide on a new Boardroom product you could create?

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        Brian is huge on giving, there's hardly an interview he does
        where he does not mention it.

        You can see how he was able to round up the titans of direct response
        after all the years he gave out.

        Just one little thing I gave to Brian has got me connected
        to his world. Same with Drayton Bird and Gary Bencivenga.

        You always come away feeling a better person by being
        in their company, even if it's only via email.

        Doctor, E. Vile
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