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Hi everyone, hope you're having a great Monday

About 4 months ago, I began work on a blog website. It's a niche within home decor - I've written and uploaded around 80 different posts on the topic, each in their own individual niche.

The website is gaining traffic, and I'm now up to around 100 visitors a day. It's making on average around £0.80 a day through Adsense - obviously I expect this to increase alongside the visitor count.

What I thought would be a great idea, was to add an online store, selling many of the products which the blog articles talk about. My main question is, how would I implement this?

What I mean, is that at the moment when a user visitors my website, they land on the homepage, which links to many of the articles and categories. Should I make the shop the MAIN part of the site, and have the blog articles as the kind of "behind the scenes"? Or should I continue putting emphasis on the website as is, but simply add a shop on.

I hope that makes sense - If not I'll try and re-word

Thanks all,

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    Alex, Congrats on your success. You might consider adding a store with the products then including links in your articles to your store. At this point I wouldn't disrupt the flow of your blog by suddenly switching to a store front. Your audience is coming to your blog with expectations of your quality articles.

    For the store you have two options, adding drop-shipping products that match your content or adding affiliate products. Some people use Amazon products but I personally prefer selling products or using affiliate marketplaces such as Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale and many others. Amazon gives a 4% commission and with the other platforms you can get closer to 20%.

    In your home decor market you can find a lot of drop-ship products, it all depends on which part of the market you are focusing on (outdoor, lighting, interior design, kitchens, furniture etc.). The advantage of drop shipping is you get paid up front instead of waiting for your affiliate check and they ship the products to your clients. Your captive audience really gives you the edge over other marketers.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thanks Dan.

    I was thinking of using Amazon, but I think a 4% commission may be a little small, considering many of the products my customers are likely to purchase will be in the $10-$50 range.

    The method you mentioned is exactly what I was hoping would be recommended Rather than completely change the current logistics of the site, I was thinking of using an ecommerce plugin that enables me to open a store, with a simple link from the navigation menu. Then, I would (as you said), begin adding links within the articles to certain products.

    I think that's a great idea, so thanks again for your comments


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    Alex, Glad I could help. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.

    To your success,

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