Who are the Ecommerce Giants of the Web?

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I'm only familiar with Ebay and Amazon

But what other ecommerce giants are out there?

I'm presently thinking about listing my product on all the Major Ecommerce platforms
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    Hello...Thanks for posting it...eCommerce platform that provides you everything that you need to sell your products or services online.....
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      some have been using Sears.com


      A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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  • You may want to check out Ecombytes Seller's Choice Awards. They surveyed 12,000 sellers to find out which marketplaces are they favorite (and why). Categories include stuff like best customer service, most profitable, most often recommended, etc. Link is here if you want to check it out -- Sellers Choice 2014: Merchants Rate Top Online Marketplaces

    Before you sign up anywhere, do some research to figure out the typical audience that shops there. Etsy is the second most profitable according to their results, but your products may not sell well there (Etsy is a handmade, vintage and craft supply hub). Make sure your inventory is cohesive with the marketplace. Good luck!

    Tiana with ecomdash
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    Bonanza in first place. There is something seriously wrong with that survey. You can hardly sell anything in bonanza. My shop thete is collecting dust and spyder webs.
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    • Bonanza surprised me a little as well...I think their high ranking is due to how many sellers would recommend it to another person. They ranked second highest in customer service and were ranked first for communication between marketplace and seller...but it was ranked lower that most for profitability. If that's not the only marketplace someone list their items on AND they have stores on more profitable sites like eBay and Etsy, then Bonanza is probably a great additional channel.

      You also have to take into consideration the sellers they surveyed....how many of them are full time vs. part time or hobby sellers? When online retailing is your sole source of income, you're going to be more concerned with which marketplace will bring you the most profits vs. which site has the most open lines of communication. Regardless, I think this is a good list to find out what's out there, and what other people think.

      Appreciate your thoughts!
      Tiana with ecomdash
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    Shopify and biggcommerce are also there in list
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      TaoBao is bigger than Amazon and eBay combined.
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