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Hi warriors!

I am planing to start my own premium apparel brands( Armani, Gucci, Versace etc.) ecommerce membership store. I am currently looking for wholesalers from Europe. I have the funds to buy in bulk. I am planing to purchase membership to Worldwidebrands and I am trying to contact some Italian warehouses.

Will the Worldwidebrand be worth the money if I am only looking for premium apparel brands?

Can anyone suggest anything else I should do besides contacting the warehouses?
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    Genuine, premium brands rarely list on wholesale directories. You would do better contacting the brands directly. They will have some strict requirements to carry them and often will only sell to established companies, so you may want to take the time to properly set up your company.

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    What you are talking about won't work, simply because the 3 brands you mentioned are direct to market sellers, they don't wholesale or sell in bulk at a low cost to have someone else make a profit - they are very strict on brand management. They don't sell clothes to others, they rent space to sell their own clothes within other stores or they simply run their own stores. If you see a spot that sells a brand within a Nordstrom store - that company paid Nordstrom for that space, and Nordstrom finds value in servicing customers with high end brands in which they do not profit from in the same way another store would sell a loss-leader - a popular item that brings in traffic.

    If someone says "Buy discounted designer clothing" - they are not talking about the top brands, or their buying model stems from purchasing goods that are second hand, liquidated factory rejects, returns, etc. You can't call Versace and say "Hello, I would like a wholesale catalog" or "Hey, I would like to buy 200 of SKU 26723602X"

    I recommend changing your business model, as you do not understand the market.
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    As others have mentioned, "premium" apparel brands aren't going to dilute their brand equity by wholesaling to just anyone.

    That said, most people aren't particularly up to speed on what is new this year vs last year, so there is money to be made selling these brands after one fashion cycle, when you actually CAN by them in bulk. But you will need to change your target audience slightly, as the niche of people who are paying attention to fashion will know what's new and what isn't.

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    Most high end brands don't make enough inventory that would allow to be sold off in bulk. Chanel, LV, Gucci, and more actually run out of inventory sometimes. There has been cases where some brands had to sharply increase their prices to prevent selling out before the 4th quarter, or moving inventory from one lower performing location to another.

    If there is any unsold inventory, it's not really a bulk amount, and is either destroyed or put on sale so it is sold quickly. Not one high end brand has had 1000 units of a specific bag sitting in a warehouse at the end of the year unsold.

    This is partially why some brands that Were high end no longer are.
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  • Thanks for clearing things up!

    I will look into buying unsold inventory that has "gone out of the fashion" in small parts. There is a pretty big market for premium brands here in Eastern Europe. Some people are willing to buy almost anything as long as it doesn't cost much has the company logo on it.
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