Amazon, Ebay, Import/Export, Dropshipping, etc., do you need/build lists?

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This is the question I have for this business model.

I have bought from Ebay, Amazon, etc., and noticed no follow-up for other similar products.

So, I have to assume that traffic and advertising, serps, ads, etc., is king in this model, staying in constant traffic stream for new prospects and possible good service for possible/hopefully repeat customers.

Maybe they build a list and sell it or rent it to others , I don't know, but the many , many times I bought from these guys, NEVER any follow-up for other offers.

So what is the life blood to get customers and/ or keep customers or repeat customers in these models?

Or is a list unnecessary in these models of business?

Or does one concentrate a percentage of business to retailers/wholesalers/other businesses for residual-like, steady, reliable feed of customers?

What is the philosophy/practice of customer retention or repeat customers, if any, in these models?

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  • I'm not an expert in e-commerce yet, but I am good in sales and I do know one thing:

    Selling to people that have already bought from you is always 10x easier than selling to someone that has never bought from you.

    That being said, I spoke to an SEO expert from Canada today that has been doing eCommerce sites for years and he told me that email lists are absolutely key in eCommerce.

    Honestly, in the modern age we live in, email lists are going to be just as important as phone, website or in person communication as far as sales goes.

    I've been doing phone sales for 3 years and I survive off of remarketing and repeat customers, so if that gives you an idea of the importance of follow-up there you go.

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      Bought many times on ebay and amazon from different people and rarely got a follow up from them for similar products or niche, which is why I asked this question.

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  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they DON'T create a list.

    You can absolutely do this on eBay.

    *Disclaimer* eBay does NOT allow a seller to make off-eBay sales. They do find that a serious offence.

    HOWEVER, there is a perfectly legitimate way to build a list on your sales.

    You're able to implement an autoresponder (I use Aweber) to all Paypal sales. This is an opt-in, which is great, but you can create a HUGE list of people that bought from you on eBay.

    Now, the completely legitimate and effective way to think about this is: eBay doesn't allow you to create your list on eBay sales. However, they have no recourse if you collect your list from a PAYPAL transaction.

    From there, you can re-target your traffic back to your eBay store or wherever.
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      From my purchase experience, very few, if any, do this.

      Unless, unknown to me, that they are selling my name to internet marketers and the like or for internet marketing type products, which seems questionable because I will not know it is from the original seller, and would be trashed as spam.

      Maybe they can claim their list is a list of BUYERS, which would be true, and can sell names based on that, but it would NOT be in the niche they claim.

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    You will absolutely need a mailing list.

    One method you can consider is advertising in niche blog lists.

    So, if you're selling an "ab cruncher" you would approach as many fitness bloggers as you can find, and ask if you can provide a discount to their readers and advertise in their email list.

    The advert should take people to a landing page on your store, with a custom coupon code that they can use to obtain their discount, or perhaps just a free buying guide in exchange for their email address.

    Providing a buying guide, or other useful free PDF, won't require a purchase. But you'll end up with a list of people interested in your types of products.

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    Hello guys,

    This might be off from the topic. But please help me with this. I'm new here so I don't know where to make a thread.

    I'm from Philippines and I wanted to do the dropshipping business from Amazon to Ebay. But there are these questions that are bugging me. If you could clarify them for me, it may help me get started.


    - How can you pay for the Amazon product if your buyer on Ebay pays you on Paypal? We know that Amazon don't accept paypal as payment and that Paypal holds your first payment for a certain day (can you tell me how many day it is?). If we will wait for the days until the money will be transferred to your bank account or credit card, it would delay the buyers' product.

    Does it mean that you'll have to pull from your own pocket first to pay to Amazon?

    - Is there any work around that the payment you receive from paypal sent directly to your bank account or card?

    - I've learned that I can use Paypal debit card so that there'll be no need to do the transferring when paying on Amazon. Is it true? If so, can I apply for PayPal debit card here in Philippines?

    Thank you so much and hope my questions will be addressed clearly and specifically.
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