Setting up an E-commerce website - Questions about legality

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Hey guys!

Let's say in Canada it is illegal to sell product A. My E-commerce ships product A to Canada. What happens?

Note: It is legal for someone to buy and import product A if it's for personal use only.
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    Anyone knows?
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      Pretty Vague,

      You must know people ship illegal items all over the place. You usually see them on tv shows like the "border police" shows....

      You really aren't giving much information. if it arrives it arrives, if not it got caught in customs because it was iillegal in the country.?
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    Let's say I want to open a nootropics store in Canada. It's illegal to sell nootropics in Canada so I'd be using the internet to set my nootropics store up (e-commerce) and I'd be selling to canadians.

    Does that work?
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    You really need to talk to a lawyer.

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    Search Google for your product name/type and append the words such as "sued", "legal action", "pending action" etc and read up on other peoples' experiences.

    This will also enable you to find a good lawyer as they will already be representing other people who've tried the same thing.

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