Weird but true: Alibaba links bra sizes to online shopping habits

by Xiqual
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Not kidding at all:

A group of data crunchers looking at underwear sales at Alibaba came across a curious trend: women who bought larger bra sizes also tended to spend more.

Dividing intimate-apparel shoppers into four categories of spending power, analysts at the e-commerce giant found that 65% of women of cup size B fell into the "low" spend category, while those of a size C or higher mostly fit into the "middle" or higher group.


More (aparent) weirdness; two years ago, Alibaba was surprised to find bikini sales on november the 11th were the highest in the landlocked western region of Xinjiang.
This one has some explanation: Boyfriends and husbands were purchasing them as a way to promise their partners they would take them on vacation.
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