What do you use for shipping?

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My day job is working customer service for the website of a large national chain. I estimate that I probably respond to 15 emails a week that deal with packages being lost or stolen despite tracking showing them as delivered. This is mostly UPS that has this problem from my experience. What shipping company do you use, and how do you respond to claims of packages being lost or stolen despite the tracking showing them as delivered?
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    We do use DHL Express for most of the packages, some countries have TNT/Fedex cheaper. I have to say we have never had any problems with packages being lost. More problems with customs in Europe if some products does not meet the requirments.
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      I ship everything USPS Priority mail and have never had a lost package.

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    UPS has a tendency to leave packages at the door, rather than hand them to the recipient and get a signature. In my experience. So request signature for delivery, and then they will be required to give it to the person and get signature instead of leaving it at the door for anyone to abscond with.

    I would estimate that half the time it is your buyer that is scamming you as they know it has not been signed for. But I could be wrong.

    Try FedEx ground and see how that works. I know you can negotiate better rates if you play one again't the other.

    Tim Pears

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    I ship Usps for smaller lighter packages (2-3 day delivery) , and heavier i do it with ups.( 1 week ground)
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  • I work of a 3P software company, and we provide postage through the USPS. We haven't heard of any complains from our customers, though I know USPS often requires signature confirmation, which can mitigate the risk of packages disappearing.
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    I've been selling online and shipping around the world for 7 years. Have only had maybe 15 packages reported as missing. Most of the time it's because they used a bad address and we get it returned.
    We use USPS exclusively. Cheaper and you can get signature confirmation required really cheap too if it's an expensive order.

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    I use Hong Kong Post, it's relatively in-expensive here to ship using the national postal service though I'm not sure this would be practical elsewhere.
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  • Thanx for sharing your post. I am also in favor of USPS ship service. It has never disappointed me. I got my all the packages either light or heavy packages within 4-5 days. So, I think, this is the best one.
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    i use United States Postal Service. I also pay extra for shipping insurance just in case something goes wrong. I also save all my receipts and emails so that there is a paper trail
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