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Hi ,

lately I've thought to start sharing my knowledge on eBay and try to get some new ideas from other sellers .

I sell on eBay for almost 5 years , have 2 shops :

one of them is TopRated with 140 feedbacks , running for few months ( 100% positive )

and the second one have almost 7000 feedback and have score of 99.5% .

*Also sell on Amazon with 90 daily feedbacks in UK and 20 daily feedbacks in US

( have about 20 total daily feedbacks in Amazon Italy / Germany / Canada / Spain and France together )

Anyway , I'm looking to build a small and professional group of sellers that really believe in sharing information to grow their business into something big .

I know that we can build something really strong ( same as the other big cooperations that work together and take care of each other ).

My idea is to make a group of about 30 people on Whatsapp ( YES on What'sApp ) ..

If anyone one here is interested please PM with your shops and a short info about yourself .

Thank you all and wish us all good luck and successful Christmas
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    Wow, do you expect that anyone will send you their shop info and niche.
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      Originally Posted by Dukulal View Post

      Wow, do you expect that anyone will send you their shop info and niche.
      haha , will send me their shop info ? like it's a big secret ?

      that's exactly the people I'm trying NOT to include in this group , those small minded people with no future vision , those that afraid to share their links .

      If you send me link and tell me you sell remote controls , will I open remote controls eBay shop the next day ?? haha

      Come on man , grow up and start thinking big and make some money ..

      And let me tell you a secret , and please don't tell it , but TARGET shows all inventory online and they still doing ok
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  • I'd be interested, but it's actually a bad idea to have people know what your niche is. Those that are powersellers (such as myself) worked very hard to secure their niche.

    Also - based on the reply above, I'm wondering how professional the relationship would be. I don't think there is any room for insulting people - especially those looking to start.
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