What type of online business options do I have ?

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Hi warriors, hope you guys are doing good.

Well I'm currently studying bachelors in business, I'm in my first year and want to know what type of online business I can do ?

I want to know the amount of startup investment, Time, Man power etc.

All advises and guides are appreciated.

Thank you.
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    Here you go
    50 Online Businesses You Can Run From Home

    Basically, WarriorForun it's a great place to dig information for Online Business
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    As Starter, You should go for learn about anyone topic on which you can show your interest. I think building website of your interesting niche and then attach it with adsense will be best for you as starter and then you can go for affiliate marketing too through your blog.
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    Affiliate marketing is the best for online business. Build a website with best niches and join with good affiliate program and learn about it. Learn about how to bring good traffic to your site and how to advertise your website and your affiliate business to customers.
    Your can learn some free Tutorials form this site. I think those will be helpful for you.

    If you want best free tutorials for Affiliate Marketing
    Check bellow links:
    To learn about best niches
    To learn about traffic and sell products
    To learn YouTube marketing

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    Find something that interests you with a good profit margin

    Lorraine Pierce, CEO & Founder
    LA Minerals

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    Ecommerce is an interesting business yet relatively easy to get off the ground. It's not as sexy as an app or indeed SAAS but it creates real value (and importantly, revenue!).
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    auslion, as this is your first post in WF it would appear that you haven't asked questions in other biz-oriented threads?

    Go and check out all the other threads, not just eCommerce, and see what types of business they are running. There is a veritable plethora of ideas, models, hacks and scams for you to choose from.

    Read all the conversations. Learn about the challenges and opportunities offered by each model. Educate yourself. Ask questions when someone is discussing a particular business model. Dive in to the details.

    WF is brimming with incredible information.

    Then perhaps come back and ask specifics regarding eCommerce. There are many models even just within eCommerce.

    Your question is very open-ended and suggests that you haven't researched the topic first for yourself?

    Founder of SmallRevolution.com
    Build your own online store, step by step.

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    Simple, if you take your time/cost to setup a platform where IT is 5% of business revenue, you can extrapolate the rest of the time/cost to hit balanced revenue ie. return on investment.
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    Affiliate marketing is a great business to start up. Also selling on Amazon and Ebay are great ways to make money online. It really does depend on what your interests are but just pick one and go with it.
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  • Well, According to me, you can prefer the eCommerce business, because this kind of business is so demanding nowadays. Most of the folks now continuously moving on eCommerce business. The reason behind this, you can make huge money by selling or advertising your product.
    So, don't wait for anything else, just take a first step for eCommerce business.
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    Selling on Amazon is a great way to get started. Have a look at Amazon FBA. For a successful online business, you'll need to source a product which will sell and net you a profit.
    Amazon repricing software that helps you win the Buy Box more often. eBay repricing also available.
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    Sorry to break it to you, but you're going to have to do a little work to help yourself out here!

    I started selling online during my second year of university - I found a Chinese B2B website and made my first bulk order during a video editing class (my tutor wasn't very impressed when she saw what I was doing...) By the time I graduated, I had a fully functioning online business with an employee. There's certainly something to be said for starting a business during your time at university.

    There are thousands of great business ideas out there, you just need to land on one. No one is going to give you an idea, you'll have to find it for yourself.

    Best of luck with the rest of your studies!
    Last month I turned over $57,646 on one of my Shopify web stores. Read my honest "warts n' all" review of the Shopify platform click here now!
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    Thank you all and special thanks to tgpros, you are right, there are many business model out there! which many people are already doing so I should come up with something unique to have a better competitive advantage.
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    It Seems too good, you are looking for ways to start your business before you completing your graduation.

    You have multiple number of business online, First i would like to recommend you should analysis your technical skills and with the help of your interest you may choose your business.

    Secondly, as a eCommerce lover. I can recommend you to start your own ecommerce online store. Latest trend in ecommerce industry is starting a business with custom solution to build the online store website is too good to make you profit in business without investing much more money on starting itself... Be sure to choose a good custom solution which you can be assist at any time and user friendly. Website built with custom ecommerce script are independent, fully customization ability form end to end, no need any special technical coding skills, and etc., If you are pretty interested in this, i can help you to become a successful Entrepreneur...
    All the best!..

    Best ecommerce script for your B2B needs.

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    Hey so this question is awesome and also very broad. The great thing about the internet is that you can basically turn any interest or hobby in to a profitable niche online.

    You see you are more than likely not alone in the passions you have. So if you know a lot about a subject or hobby make a how to series and sell that how to series online. If you are really in to sales, find some affiliate offers to promote and sell. If you are in to building websites offer it as a service....

    Those are just a few of many different avenues you have available to you. I absolutely love the internet because of the vast possibilities available to us.
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    It sounds great that you are moving your step on online business. According to my personal view, you can go with online marketing, where you can see career opportunity. Through online marketing, you can earn huge money within a short period of time. And if you want to know the investment, then I would suggest you, you should take an assist from ecommerce platform, which is really fruitful for you and provide you each and every kind of information regarding online marketing.
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    Learn somehting about SEO, CMS systems and then look at what business you may be interested in to start.. there are million of options out there for you.

    Ruth is cool 22216

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    With a bachelor's degree, I'm sure you can make effective use of: Business Models on the Web | Professor Michael Rappa
    Write comprehensible articles on *any* topic in seconds with First Draft...
    First Draft's: Download | Add-Ons | Templates | Purchase | Support | Affiliates
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    You can work as a freelancer on Elance, oDesk etc ( Free)
    You can provide your services on Fiverr for $5 ( free )
    You can create a blog on Blogger and WordPress ( free plus paid)
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    According to me you should do a business about you have a very good knowledge and interest. why don't you make a site for online shopping. It is on the top of the demand today.
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