Is this information about selling on Amazon accurate?

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Hello Warrior Forum, I need help with selling stuff on Amazon. I tried asking this on another site but I don't think anyone is going to reply to me so if it's not a problem, I'd like to repost a slightly edited version of it here.

I've never sold anything online before and have been researching how to do so. From what I've read I'm better off going with Amazon rather than eBay. I looked up how to sell stuff on Amazon and most of the info has been helpful. However nothing goes into detail. The stuff I read seems like it's for someone who already knows how to sell stuff online. I need to literally know every single detail so that I don't make a mistake.

I read this article on WikiHow and it seems to have all of the information that I need. But I'd still like to know if it's missing anything or if there is extra information that I need to know. I really would appreciate any and all help with this so that I can start selling stuff online.
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    Do you want to sell your own products or promote other people's products on Amazon?
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      I want to sell my own items. I have a lot of DVDs and video games that I would like to sell.
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    I really wouldn't sell DVD's. DVD's are a gated category now anyways.

    Also, you can do Multichannel Fulfillment with Amazon FBA. If you sell an item on eBay, you can have Amazon ship it to your eBay customer.
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    Hi, First I should mention that the link to the article you mention appears to be a broken link. As mentioned above selling DVDs on Amazon may be an issue as they have put some restrictions on that category. I am not sure above video games as that is a area I have never sold in. Amazon does have certain requirements and rules that have to be closely followed. One rule is that items have to be in "consumer ready retail packaging". Amazon post their own videos explaining a lot about being a seller on theri site.

    It sounds like you plan to sell mostly used items and that may work better on ebay. IMO ebay is more of a pain in the neck that Amazon's FBA but for some items it can work great. With ebay you have to deal with shipping, refunds, returns, etc so it is not as simple as Amazon makes it for sellers.

    I hope this helps some.
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