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Ok basically i have a product that is not yet on the market im trying to figure out the best way to market to customers online. Should i do a sales webpage or a website... not sure about amazon considering no one knows about it
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    if you want i can sell to you a online shop with everything configurated includin databse and esay managing using a admin panel very easy to use for 40€
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    Your decision should probably be based on the type of product. If it's an internet downloadable product then a sales letter will probably work best. If its a physical product then a website will give you better coverage. You can include much more information (about us, descriptions, etc) and gain a higher level of credibility. If it is a consumer related product then social media and Facebook might be a good approach. You can get a website at Hostgator for $3.48/month Web Hosting | Shared cPanel Web Hosting - HostGator and add either a website or a store and perhaps sell other related products while yours is finding its market. If it is something exciting perhaps Kickstarter, Indigogo or one of the other crowd sourcing sites would be a good place to launch.

    Hope this helps, Dan
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    I would suggest that you approach a fishing blogger/community and ask if you can advertise the product in their next newsletter. The idea is to find someone who is not selling physical products, but who already has the attention of your type of customer.

    This would be a quick and effective way for your to test demand using someone else's traffic/customers and infrastructure. You would give a commission on any sales you made, and possibly also need to pay for the newsletter placement.

    You can set up a simple, one-page website using something like Weebly. Add a Paypal button. You literally just need a landing page and a secure payment.

    If you use a highly targeted list then you'll get a feel for how many products will sell and what your conversion rate will be. This is a good test to run before you invest in buying a website (even if it is cheap as chips).

    I'm not sure how many anglers hang out on kickstarter. Have a look at the other kickstarter campaigns in the same category. There might be enough to warrant this approach.

    But ... if you approach 100 fishing bloggers/communities you only need one to say "yes" to give you a trial run.

    You would learn a lot from them. And their customers.

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    Build your own online store, step by step.

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  • Generally, most new products are very expensive to market.

    This is because, as you said, no one knows about the product. At this point, you need to educate the populace in believing in the product.

    Now, most people forget this concept that I had learned from Frank Kern.

    You need to have a 'magic bullet' product in order to be successful. Technology and Marketing do not matter so much as having and AMAZING product to sell.

    Most entrepreneurs, especially in this community, believe that if they can just 'sell a niche product' all of their dreams will come true.

    However, it isn't about what you sell so much as how you sell it. Selling 'fishing supplies' or 'baby supplies' like everyone else isn't automatically going to make you money.

    Instead, think about HOW you sell it to set you apart from everyone else.

    If you genuinely have a product that will positively change the lives of the people you sell it to, then marketing then becomes easy - as you'll have instant focus on your message, your audience, and your strategies.
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      A new product, you say?

      Here's what I'd do:

      1. Setup a super simple ecommerce website (choose your CMS carefull!)

      2. Hire a PR company, or a PR freelancer to get word about your new product out to the masses, via the media

      3. To complement the work of your PR company or freelancer, I'd contact relevant bloggers offering them a free sample to review for their readers (hopefully with a link back to your website where they can buy that product)

      Voila - your new product has been exposed to the masses and they all know where to buy it from, your website!
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