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I currently have a drop shipping online store that I host through shopify, I am really happy with them and how easy it is to set up and the templates etc. I sell products that I have an interest in.

My problem is that my site has been up and running for a few months now but I have had no sales?? I have had 3 customer enquires however these items were out of stock or we were unable to ship to their location but other than that ...nothing?!

Can an experienced member please tell me where I am going wrong, my website is

My GA reads
218 sessions
2.05 ave time spent
Bounce rate 73%
622 page views
30 returning viewers

Thanks in advance.
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    Hi AliPali,

    Yes, this is a pretty common problem so don't feel that it's just you

    Nice products by the way. Beautiful photography.

    There are a few things that you need to do ...

    1) Add a whole lot more content to your site. Especially on your About and product pages. You need 20,000+ more words across your whole website. (I'm not joking when I say 20,000+ words.)

    This is a free how-to guide on how to add more to your product pages - How To Write Product Descriptions For Humans And SEO - Small Revolution

    Also, you need to proof-read. This will help you pick up issues like "finish.Made".

    Also, think like the customer. My first question after looking at the side drawers is "How much is that going to cost in shipping!" Your point about "Free UK delivery" is the tiniest bit of writing at the bottom of each product description. Make it more visible. Put it in the header. It's a killer point.

    2) Add links to your product pages. For example, link "all our Chelsea pieces" to a search result for Chelsea in your store. This will help people and the searchbots move through your store. Lots of links, but don't go overboard.

    3) I haven't checked but make sure that none of the content in your website is a duplicate from a manufacturer or elsewhere on the web. All unique content.

    4) Create a fantastic, helpful and friendly Contact page. I wouldn't buy from a company that I couldn't contact! You mention "Contact Us" in your About page, but there isn't one.

    5) Download "Screaming Frog" and run the report across your website, and then fix all your meta descriptions and title tags. The combination of title tag and description tag will be your 'free' advertising in Google, also called Google Organic referral traffic.

    Shopify just uses the default data from your product description, which means it becomes duplicate content.

    6) Register your store with Google Webmaster Tools and the Bing Webmaster Tool. You'll then be able to see the conversion rate you get from your 'free' google organic traffic.


    Then ... you need to start reaching out to communities who are interested in interior decorating.

    7) Register on Houzz.com and get really active in there. Continue with Pinterest, but I would not worry too much about Twitter or Facebook as promotion channels. (Remove Twitter and Facebook from your header.)

    Your Pinterest account will bring in many more visitors if you learn how to use it correctly. Read everything you can about how to use Pinterest for business and get VERY VERY active on there. Then, apply the same principles to Houzz.

    8) Create a list of 100 influential interior design bloggers and offer them a guest post on how to solid wood furniture is making a fashionable come-back.

    9) Do the same for Pinterest. Find pinners with very big accounts and a lot of followers. Reach out to them and tell them how much you like their stuff.


    So, in summary. You don't have enough content on your site for Google to bother sending you traffic. And you haven't made a significant effort to reach out to others in your community and share audience.

    The furniture looks lovely but I have no idea why I would buy it from your store rather than just pop down to my local IKEA? You'll need to work out what your USP is and promote it heavily to interior design bloggers and your customers.

    Best of luck,

    Founder of SmallRevolution.com
    Build your own online store, step by step.

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    Omy!!! thank you so much this advice is amazing, I'm sure if I do everything on your list my site will be successful.

    I've removed my link now as there not much left to say after Katerina's reply...Lots of looks but no imput
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    Katrina, Great stuff! Really like what you say and how you say it. Nice website also.

    Best of luck with your business,

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    AliPali, you shouldn't remove your store URL.

    There are plenty of people here in WF who can offer you fantastic advice; many who are far more experienced than I am. They will come along and see this thread and also provide you with more ideas. Other opinions are good.

    I've noticed that you've signed up to our email list. You'll get a series of emails that have more detailed step-by-step instructions for some of the above ideas. I hope that some of the guides will help you grow your store.

    Keep at it!

    The main thing to focus on is adding more useful content into your store. Think of it as advice for your customers.

    And then reach out to other people who like the furniture. Start real conversations and you'll get some fantastic results.

    All the best.

    Founder of SmallRevolution.com
    Build your own online store, step by step.

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    Wish I could have seen the site. I think the main thing is keeping the customers attention so they stay on your site & hopefully come back to it. If you have enough people do this, you will eventually get sales


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