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Forewarning- this is a very detailed read. Any information I write about the website can be backed up with written proof of executed project scopes from 3dCart (as well as what I paid). NOTE - THIS IS A NEWLY MINTED SITE. Primarily seeking a buyer looking for a good investment and only would accept a partner under very, very specific conditions.

Overall, all the hard work has been done. Operational roles have been identified, process flows mapped, just need the manpower. Long story short as to why I am selling, partner went MIA. I have my own portfolio to manage on top of my career and my growing family. There is NO partnership agreement. This site is 100% owned by me. I paid for everything and did all the work. It was a local partnership, not a random internet joint venture. The rest is personal.

Short description:
Pet supplies is a huge market that runs 24/7, 365. I bankrolled this site, planned the vision/scope + keyword mapping from scratch and implemented a custom API integration with the inventory source (Doba) to name some of the bigger points.The catalyst for making the site move is reliable manpower. If you are interested in buying, I will also provided a comprehensive digital strategy in addition to process flows I wa going to give to new-hires to mitigate the learning curve.


Deal also comes with I've been in talks with the owner of, but have not heard back with an official RFP. Im happy to forward his info.

Please read the customizations I have detailed below for a full understanding of this beautiful machine. I am listing the high level points first, then I explain them individually. I have confirmed with both 3dCart and Doba that simply changing the name/billing on the account info is sufficient to complete the sale, as long as I let my account managers know ahead of time.

  • Doba/3DCart membership
  • Custom Doba API integration (w/ Doba 3dCart App)
  • Custom them (responsive)
  • Custom graphics
  • Custom category/ sub category mapping
  • Unique copy/SEO Optimized
  • Costs

Doba/3DCart membership
This membership is paid for until 10.2015, It's the Doba Advanced plan (10k item), with this site only taking 1k of that plan. Annual cost is $629, but it can be downgraded on 10.2015 if you don't need the extra (the current 3dCart plan is at 1k items max)

3DCart package (starter) Ecommerce Hosting Plans | 3DCart Shopping Cart Software

Custom Doba API integration (w/ Doba 3dCart App)
The 3DCart Doba App is synced with the Doba account. It auto updates every 12 hours, and has a variable commission percentage option, meaning you can change the markup of your entire product line with one click.The items currently being imported have onsite keyword mapping (for onsite product search), SEO optimized and imports merchant info, item description, title and image.

The API customization has to do with drop shipping fees from some Doba merchants. A few here and there tack on a few bucks for selling their stuff via drop shipping. In order for that fee not to affect your revenue, a customized API call has been implemented that adds the cost to the cart automatically at check out, labeled as a handling fee. Its purpose is to be a failsafe to make sure you can automate ROI and not have to sift through merchants with or without fees to maintain your calculations.

Link to Doba App: Doba Connector

Custom theme
Theme is responsive and has been tested on iOs, Android and tablets. This is a 100% custom theme- no other like it. The banner space below the slider was added on with custom code. I built the site and logo based on research into color psychology.

Custom graphics
Slider images, logo, all 100% unique. Social profile graphics (not actively promoting). includes Facebook. Registered @petsuppliesinc for Twitter, but have not developed graphics.

Custom category/ sub category mapping
Doba's product categories are what Doba wants them to be. My categories are SEO optimized and set for keyword mapping. I assigned the products to the category via 3DCart CMS - very easy to do, just takes a while for one person.

Unique copy/SEO Optimized
All onsite copy for every detail page, category page and sub category page is 100% original content that is SEO optimized to the keyword mapping strategy. (60+ pages worth with h1/h2 tags and reasonable keyword density).

Site is fully secured via 3dCart, but an SSL ($70/yr) is needed to make it private on the checkout.

Right now, with nothing done, the site costs $96/mo to maintain. That accounts for the Doba App and 3DCart membership. 3DCart is real good about saving customers money if they pay annually. The Doba app can be purchases annually for $199 vs $49/mo.(saving $388)annually. I have a laundry list of cost saving measure and apps that are optimal for professional eCom digital strategy that I've researched and will share with the buyer.

Obviously, this has cost me a lot in cash and in time. I know how much it cost me in cash, but my time would have put this project much higher if I was contracted to build it. I am a strong believer in doing the job right the first time and am very thorough with my work.

I am not putting a price on here because I want people to tell me what they think. Please no low balls. I will be honest with you if I deem your price exorbitant. I will not respond if it ridiculously low. I am just looking to recoup some budget for my 2015 projects. This is not worth tens of thousands of dollars, but it is a great opportunity for the right buyer or group to have everything they need in one place, professionally built, and a free inventory source (best on the web) free for 10 months for this site and/or to build other eCom operations with.

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