Please help need to grow my this site faster!

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I currently run, the site has been running about a year. The majority of our traffic is from Google and Bing product ads. Please suggest ways I could grow this business!

Please do not offer me your personal services, I'm looking for real advice.
I'm even open to switching domains.. any ideas you have let me know!!
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  • I've heard Reddit ads can be fruitful. They're inexpensive, so you aren't running too big a risk there. I read an article on Shopify about it not too long ago. This is the post > How to Make Your First $1,000 With Reddit Ads — Ecommerce Blog by Shopify
    Hope that helps (or at least helps you brainstorm some other/better ideas!)

    Tiana with ecomdash
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      I've tried reddit ads on my other site and have had little luck, but I have not tried them with this niche. Thanks for your input.
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    Are you trying to sell to plumbers or home owners? When I look at the website I can't tell.

    The website looks ok, the domain name seems more like B2B than B2C.

    It does not look like any seo is done to the website? Try to make sure you have meta names, descriptions, keywords for all pages and products. - That is why you are not getting more organic results.

    The next thing I would do is post in forums about your business and offerings (without spamming). Become a contributor to some forums in your genre, and you will see results! (make sure they are forums with a lot of members).

    Also, starting a blog and writing some articles about plumbing and related topics can attract search engines and customers. (Updated unique content on your website keeps search engines visiting your website)

    I hope this helps.

    Thank You,
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      We sell to both plumbers and home owners. Thank you for the advice!
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    You could try good old offline marketing methods - newspapers, magazines and local directories. We do a little offline marketing and it's usually fairly cheap. It's not very targeted in a lot of cases, but there's definitely profit to be made!
    Last month I turned over $57,646 on one of my Shopify web stores. Read my honest "warts n' all" review of the Shopify platform click here now!
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      Here's a few things I see:

      1) Overall your site is pretty fast however it lacks a little branding which I think can help visitor understand your site better. For instance, I don't see any shipping logos or payment method logos that you accept. These type of visual cues help the visitor quickly understand your webpage as fast as possible. Make your shop now buttons actually look like buttons and make them prominent. Also you have some high quality name brands. One way to build visitor confidence is to put the manufacturer's logo on your eCommerce page.

      2) On your product pages the title of the product is in white so the user doesn't know what they are looking at.

      3) Make the Newletter more promient. Capture as many emails as you can. Popups seem to work the best. Yes, they annoy people, but they also give the best results. The more emails you have the more Email Marketing you can do and that is where you can really start converting users into customers.

      Best of Luck!
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    Try youtube marketing ...

    Make a small video and rank it for your keyword ... its really efficient and fast way to get good leads
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    There are three ways to grow a business
    1. Get more new customers to buy
    2. Get customers to buy at a higher price
    3. Get customers to buy more often

    Starting with number 1, are there additional product lines and/or brands you can add to your current selection? You may have to setup additional supplier accounts if necessary. Are you currently ranking on at least the first page for most of your current targeted keywords? If not, then you may need some SEO work.

    You should constantly check your competitors and keep your prices close to theirs. Yes, being a low cost leader will actually hurt your business more than helping it. "Cheap" customers are also the highest maintenance customers. Let them buy from the low cost leaders in your industry (who probably won't last long in your business).

    Your supplies don't seem to be "consumable", meaning a customer may only buy once or twice from you. You could target B2B and offer accounts to plumbers or contractors, but they probably already have their own accounts with your same suppliers so that may not work.
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      1. Start posting your products in directories.
      2. Submit your products in classifieds.
      3. Create profile for your websites.
      4. Create boards and groups on social media.
      5. Run express ads to cover your local customers.
      6. Run global ads on targeted area by analysing the stats from google analytics.
      7. Offer some discounts for your products.
      8. Send newsletter at least twice a month.

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        Thanks for your response, I get what your saying with the simple stuff.. newsletters, discounts, social media, but could you expand upon the rest?

        Also has anyone had any success with comparison shopping engines like nextag etc?
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          Optimize your website for your business keywords. I have checked your website and your title tag missing your niche based keyword. For example: You can use your home page title tag as:
          Title: Plumbing Suppliers and Tools [you can add location also]
          So optimize your website by keeping in mind your target audience. You can also add relevant content as there is no content in your home page. Internal linking can be a useful weapon in your SEO. There are many on page SEO techniques so spend some time implementing these to improve your site!
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    - Post youtube videos on youtube
    - Build a Social Media following - Facebook, Twitter, etc
    - Use paid advertsing like PPC, PPV, Facebook, etc
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    Well, As you mentioned you are getting traffic from Google Ads and Bing Ads, it is one of the best strategy. Apart from this, you can also take an assist from the SEO and SMM strategy. These also boost your site and provide your site a better traffic and ranking in SERP. And if you want to sell the products, then it is really good to select a right eCommerce platform.
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    So right off the bat you are doing the right thing with Google Shopping and Bing Product Ads. With a budget that can reach into Bing, chances are you can actually pull away from Bing and focus almost entirely on Google Shopping.

    I think your website needs just a little bit of a facelift, something to set yourself apart from the rest and create a more rich experience for the consumer.

    Google Shopping should be the online advertising solution to growing your business. What may be the case is that you are not optimizing those ads enough or there could be a plethora of errors you are completely unaware of.

    Anyone without distinct knowledge and understanding of AdWords, Merchant Center and Analytics can make a mess out of something very promising. I'm not going to speculate, simply share what observations our team has noted throughout our years of working with Google Shopping and PLA's.

    You can capitalize on Dynamic Remarketing or Product Specific Text Ads but only if you know your Google Shopping campaigns are PROFITABLE, not just increasing SALES & TRAFFIC. Consider finding out which are your highest performing products and your lowest performing and either reallocate ad spend or turn failing ads off.
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    For a regular bricks and mortar business, I would keep a data base of all past and current customers. Start a regular, through the mail newsletter. Yeah, it costs money, but all marketing involves spending some. Put your web address on the newsletter.

    You can direct them to your site from the newsletter where you have some sort of free offer.

    The problem with most people in service related businesses is they don't market back to their best prospects ---> The ones they have already serviced!

    I hope this helps.

    God Bless!

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    get an SEO expert buddy and apply best marketing strategy
    like making youtube videos.
    or you can make blogs, thats a basic way....
    you can join to any social medias and target your audience widely..

    good luck!!!
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    I think the post I made in this thread would be helpful to you!
    Signature - FREE TRAINING - Learn How to Build Your Own eCommerce Website
    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox Business News, the NY Times & Flippa
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