3 E-Commerce Sites Dead For 6 Months...Continue???

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Ok well I am a domainer at heart but last year around September I had 3 Magneto sites built out for me using a few of my domains. That was 2013.

I did some SEO for them up till around June of this year and after that I sold off my SEO side of the biz and stopped all SEO efforts on all 3 sites. Now as of today 1 of them is somehow gaining a bit of traction from Amazon and I made $1.57 LOL

Now I still like the domain names themselves but I dread going back to do SEO for the 3 sites unless something motivates me to do that and that is why I guess I am asking this question.

Should I spend the time to do SEO and jump start back these websites that may or may not grow back (time is important to me) or should I just put the domains only back on the market as far as a for sale page goes.

I do NOT want to do Flippa since these sites bring very little traffic anymore and would lose out I believe if I sold it as a website vs a domain only.

What are your thoughts?
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    Good question - no easy answer. If I understand your question correctly, you want suggestions about keeping the sites open and doing SEO or just marketing the domains.

    My first thought is to market the domain names only. That's what you like doing. You don't like doing SEO. SEO takes daily effort and results do not usually happen quickly (as you have already seen). Time is an issue with you and I don't see you sticking with the SEO long enough to make a site successful.

    Did the development of the sites cost you a significant amount? I'm assuming your scripts are the free versions or the licenses have expired by now. Do the scripts contain enough custom work so you can resell them without a domain?

    Do you have some domains that no one is likely to buy? Could any of your unlikely to sell domains work for eCommerce? What about bundling a hard to move domain with a script and selling the package?

    If you don't have eCommerce names that you want to part with, what about trading one of your names for three names you could sell with the scripts?

    I hope whatever you choose to do, that it works out for you.

    Good Luck.
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    Thank you. The sites are still live and functional. So it has nothing to do with site design or scripts. It is like you said thinking about going back to do SEO and the work to get them on top is what is killing me.

    Part of me says yea do it for 2015 but the other part says after a week I am going to say F it and stop LOL

    What to do What to do
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    If i were you i will try to get rid of these domains ...
    I think spending money on SEO will be a bad idea and waste of money ...

    You have mentioned that you have already done SEO for good 8-10 months and still have no ROI so a wise decision will be to leave it
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      Go with your strengths...focus on something you enjoy. It would be nice if you can recover something on the scripts. But I suggest you not spend a lot of time. Maybe worth a post at DP.
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