drop shipping on ebay.com when you live in other countries

by snir1
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i live in Italy and i want to start dropship in the u.s.

i'm affried that my account will be suspended because my location is not in the u.s.

- i want to use my old account from 2005 which was created in a different country (not italy)...

what do you think?
any suggestions?

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    Well, there are lots of international people selling items on ebay, so I don't see a reason why your account would be suspended.

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    I'm sure it'll work out - just keep in mind that I believe some eBay country sites don't really like Dropshipping. I've heard of some accounts being warned for drop shipping as they don't hold physical stock, but this may have changed.
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    If you live in Italy and sell on eBay.com and you list your items being shipped from the United States or China - it will raise some red flags.
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    Yes, you can sell your product on ebay. It won't affect your account. Apart from this, you can also sell your product by creating your own online store. So, don't worry. Just go ahead and enjoy with your business.
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  • Yes, you can do this.

    eBay doesn't really care where the account owner is located (unless it's in a sanctioned country). What they care about most is that the eBay items have the actual location of the item posted.

    This is one problem (of many) on dropshipping items from Amazon. The locations are all over the place and it's not practical to list every location. (As many times, it's not known.) This is a violation of eBay's policy.

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    Well, you can do eBay affiliate marketing from any part of the word. There is no restriction regarding your marketing. Because, this is the major difference between Amazon and eBay is, Amazon don't allow the affiliate marketing from any part of the world, while in the case of eBay, it allows the same. So, without any bother, just do your business as you want.
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